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Why Doesn’t Acculevel Warranty Wood Repairs?

Wet fiberglass insulation and a decaying floor joist

If your floors are sagging or sloping, it means a portion of the structure below your flooring is failing.  That flooring structure is almost certainly made of wood- whether we’re talking about the sill plate, floor joists, or other components.  The average cost to repair sagging or sloping floors is approximately $5600.  But none of the wooden component repairs come with a guarantee.  

 This may be startling to hear, since we’re well known for our life-of-structure warranties and superior installation.  Acculevel has been repairing foundations and waterproofing homes since Andy Beery founded the company in 1996.  We are experts in repairing sagging floors, but we cannot guarantee these flooring repairs will endure long term.  

However, there is a way to reduce the chances the new wooden components will deteriorate like the old ones did.  In this blog, we’re going to explain why we don’t warranty wooden repairs- and how you can maximize the value of the repairs.


What Caused the Flooring Structure to Decay?

The number one reason your flooring components degrade is moisture.  Whether there is actual standing water in your crawl space, or just an excess of humidity, moisture is bad for your home’s foundation.  

Many people think termites are the primary cause, but the truth is a bit more complicated than that. Termites prefer damp wood that has developed bacteria, because it’s easier to digest.  So you’re less likely to have termites if you have a dry foundation.  

Likewise, bacteria and other biological growths can contribute to wood damage (and unhealthy air quality).  But bacteria and spores require moisture to grow- so a dry foundation is less likely to develop mildew or mold. 

What does all this mean? Keeping your foundation and crawl space dry will deter most of the forces that damaged your wooden flooring components.

Wet Fiberglass Insulation, Mold, & Rotting Floor JoistThis photo was taken by an Acculevel project manager during a free estimate appointment.  The main beam has mold and decay; you can see the wood is compressing against the support column.


A Sagging Floor is Both a Problem & a Symptom.

If the real problem in your home is moisture, then sagging floors are a symptom of a greater problem.  This isn’t to say that your sagging floor isn’t a problem on its own- just that it demonstrates there’s more wrong with your home. 

The solution, as I indicated in the last section, is keeping your foundation dry. The best method for this is to install geochannel drainage and a sump pump.  And unlike wooden flooring repairs, this waterproofing system does have a long-term warranty.  This water drainage system comes with Acculevel’s life-of-structure warranty.  

Waterproofing your crawl space still won’t guarantee the wood in your flooring structure won’t ever decay again.  Wood is an organic material that will eventually break down even in the best of circumstances.   But we can guarantee our waterproofing system, when installed correctly, will not fail to remove the water that enters the crawl space. 


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