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  1. What Happens to My Home’s Foundation in the Spring?

    Let’s have a quick flashback to science class, okay?  Cold weather makes porous materials contract, or shrink inward.  When it gets warmer outside, these materials expand.  That’s easy enough, right?   Now let’s think about all the materials in and around your home. ...
  2. If My Foundation is Good, Will You Provide a Written Statement?

    When you are trying to sell your home, you may be asked to have the foundation assessed by a professional contractor.  These recommendations are often made by home inspectors who have noted irregularities in the home, or realtors representing the potential home...
  3. Lifting Your Foundation ≠ Lifting Your Home

    English is an odd language, with many irregular verbs and terms borrowed from other languages.  This makes it one of the harder languages to learn, and can lead to misunderstandings- even between native English speakers. Andy Beery founded Acculevel in 1996 with a...

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