Crawl Space Repair Services

Is your crawl space damp, or musty-smelling? Do you have sagging floors? We have the solutions to your crawl space problems.

What problem are you having with your crawl space?

Crawl spaces are difficult to keep dry. They’re very susceptible to moisture and to a variety of moisture-related problems, including sagging floors. If your home has a sagging or sloping floor, this is a strong indication that your crawl space needs repair. Select your problem to learn about our solutions.

Water Intrusion

Rainwater, melting snow, or even a high water table in your area is enough to make your crawl space damp. Moisture in a crawl space contributes to significant damage to your flooring, your air quality, and to your foundation.

How water enters your home

Your crawl space doesn’t have a constructed floor; it’s open to the ground below your home. This means water can seep up through the ground, as well as through any cracks that form in your foundation.

How Do I Fix It?

Geo Channel fabric side and top views.

Acculevel can waterproof your crawl space using GeoChannel. This particular water drainage system is designed specifically for use in crawl spaces. A layer of nonwoven fabric filters soil and other debris from the flowing water. This prevents the drainage from clogging and allows optimal water flow to a sump pump.

Wayne Sump Pump
Water removal with a sump pump

All Acculevel waterproofing systems drain into a top-of-the-line sump pump system and include safeguards against power outages and pump failures. It is extremely important to have a second battery-operated pump in the sump liner in case of mechanical or power failure. Acculevel battery back ups are dependable and flexible.

Crawl space after encapsulation.
Keep it dry with WhiteCap™ encapsulation

Encapsulation seals your crawl space with a barrier that traps water and sends it directly to your drainage system. This keeps your crawl space clean and dry, providing the best possible air quality for your home.

Our encapsulation material is a polyurethane membrane interlaced with high-density fibers. This material is the strongest and most puncture-resistant available. It’s also inorganic, so it will not support any biological growth.

Biological Growth

Humidity in the soil and air releases destructive water vapor, debris, contaminates, and pollen. This damp air carries spores, odors, and vapors evaporating from the earth below your home. These conditions provide the perfect environment for insects, bacteria, mold, and other organisms that threaten your health and air quality.

How biological growth thrives in your crawl space

Molds, mildew, bacteria, and other organisms flourish in dark and damp environments. The spores for these growths are everywhere in our environment, and can easily be introduced to your home through air vents, attached to your clothing or shoes, or produced in a cough or sneeze. As these items grow, they produce allergens, irritants, and odors that can make you and your family sick.

How Do I Fix It?

Acculevel offers a variety of solutions to keep your basement mold and moisture free. Our systems effectively remove moisture from your crawl space, prevent mold growth, and make your home more energy efficient.

mold kill and seal
Kill mold & seal the area

Acculevel’s mold treatment and prevention coating is a water-based fungicidal coating which is applied to treat and prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, or other fungal organisms. This sealant coats and protects surfaces in crawl spaces and is part of an ideal home waterproofing process.

It is important to note that you have to also solve the water intrusion that is “feeding” the biological growth. If you don’t, the growth will return and the cycle will continue.

Sagging Floors

Have you noticed a slope or lean in your floor? Is there a gap forming between your wall and floor? Most sagging floors can be fixed relatively inexpensively. Acculevel can evaluate if you would benefit from our permanent floor support system.

What causes sagging floors?

While there are a number of possible causes, the most common one involves moisture in your crawl space.

Moisture below the floor

Moisture in your crawl space can cause flooring components to warp, rot, sag, and deteriorate. Deteriorating wood causes weak spots that become uneven flooring, and can also attract unwanted pests like termites

How Do I Fix It?

I Beam replacement of wooden beam
Replace Wood or Concrete with Steel

If your wooden main beam is damaged, replacing it with a steel version is the ideal solution. Acculevel recommends steel beams because they are stronger and more durable than wooden ones.

Often, when a wooden beam is damaged, the support columns also need replacing or supplementing. Support columns can be made of wood, concrete, brick, or stone. We replace columns like this with steel floor jacks. The jacks are adjustable, which means you can gradually lift the beam up, to move the flooring closer to its original position.

Please note: if you repair the sagging floor, but do not address the water intrusion that caused it, you will continue to have floor decay.

Crawl Space Entry

Is the entrance to your crawl space in poor condition? Can you access it easily, if you need to? Does it have a good, solid door? We have options that can improve your crawl space accessibility and protect your home.

Convenience and Accessibility

Sometimes, your crawl space access is not in a good location. Maybe a deck has been built over it, or it’s much too small for an adult to use. Acculevel can seal your old entry, and create one in a better location for you.

How Do I Fix It?

Window well and crawl space door after installation.
Pest Prevention

An insulated steel door is an excellent way to keep larger pests from invading your crawl space. Acculevel can install a new door- and a window well, if necessary.

Turtl crawl space access after install
Turtl Entrances

If you access your crawl space on a fairly regular basis, using it for storage, or you’re having your crawl space encapsulated, a Turtl is the ideal entryway for you.

The Turtl is a vinyl access hatch that completely encloses your crawl space entrance. It closes tightly, preventing moisture from entering through the entry. Made of durable vinyl and manufactured by rotational molding, a Turtl will not mold, rust or decay. It comes in three colors, to best coordinate with your home, and can be padlocked to protect your home.

Crawl Space Repair Guide

Crawl Space Repairs, our ultimate household guide, is a detailed look at all of the potential issues you may experience with your crawl space. We explore the causes, explain how each problem can be solved, detail the costs associated, and address all of the frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners.

Crawl Space Repairs: Ultimate Homeowners Guide

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