All Acculevel waterproofing systems drain into a top-of-the-line sump pump system and include safeguards against power outages and pump failures. It is extremely important to have a second battery-operated pump in the sump liner in case of mechanical or power failure. Acculevel battery back ups are dependable and flexible.


A powerful residential sump pump.

A 1/2 horsepower pump, this sump pump can redirect an amazing 4,200 gallons per hour.
Additionally, its airtight seal traps bugs, odors, and radon gas from above and below the floor. Meanwhile, a perforated liner drains water from beneath your basement floor. A/C Back Up comes standard with a high water alarm which alerts you in case of failure; leaving you the necessary time to service the pump before a basement flood.


A powerful sump pump even when the lights go out.

The D/C Back Up sump pump system comes standard with the same features of the A/C Back Up system(capable of pumping 4,200 gallons per hour). Additionally, the D/C Back Up Sump Pump offers a D/C Back Up pump capable of pumping 3300 gallons per hour and comes complete with battery and alarm to inform you the battery back up is functioning.


A dual pump system designed to always stay online.

Sump pump failure can be the result of an overworked pump, power outage, or general pump failure. To prevent sump pump failure, Acculevel offers Heavy Duty pumps. These sump pumps offer all the benefits of a D/C Back Up system, and also include a secondary 1/2 horsepower sump pump back up. Never worry about sump pump failure again.


Acculevel now uses Gemini Blue Angel Pumps, a premium digitally connected total basement protection system. This extraordinary system uses the latest smart home technology so you always know your basement is protected — Even when the power is out. Never worry about your basement again!

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