Common Problems

Erosion and settling cause concrete slabs to sink, creating a range of issues for homeowners.

Cracked Concrete

Slab Foundations

When a slab foundation settles, it creates sloping, cracking, or uneven floors.

Garages & Driveways

If your driveway settles, cracks can form, which become trip hazards.

Depending on how the driveway or garage sinks, it could also collect water and drain it towards your home.  This creates water intrusion issues and foundation damage.

Sidewalk Closed

Sidewalks & Patios

Like a driveway, sidewalks and patios can crack when the slab settles.

Due to the proximity to the house, it’s very likely patios and walkways are going to drain poorly- and towards your foundation.

Our Solution

Slabjacking with a polyurethane foam

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