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  1. Lifting Your Foundation ≠ Lifting Your Home

    English is an odd language, with many irregular verbs and terms borrowed from other languages.  This makes it one of the harder languages to learn, and can lead to misunderstandings- even between native English speakers. Andy Beery founded Acculevel in 1996 with a...
  2. How to Fix Foundation Cracks

    Most people assume that if their foundation has a water problem, they’ll notice it quickly.  This isn’t always the case, however.  Water may be damaging your foundation without leaking into your basement or crawl space.  But if you see cracks in your foundation...
  3. How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

    Your foundation does a lot for you. It supports your home, remains stable in changing weather conditions, and repels nasty invaders like insects and vermin.  In return, we often ignore it; we spend our money and attention on interior improvements like new furniture or...

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