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Acculevel Home Inspection Program (HIP)

Do you agree these are all true statements?

  • red checkmarkMy home is my single greatest investment.
  • It’s important to maintain my home’s resale value, so I keep it in good shape.
  • It’s smarter to fix issues while they’re small & inexpensive instead of procrastinating until major repairs are required.
Infographic depicting common symptoms of a failing foundation. Early detection and repair saves money and preserves your home's equity.

Common symptoms of a failing foundation. Detecting and correcting issues early saves money and preserves your equity.
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All true for you too? Of course they are!  You’re a savvy homeowner who recognizes your home’s financial importance.

You pay attention to the real estate market and you’re aware of the price increases we’ve all experienced since 2020.

You also know there’s truth in the expression “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Our goal at Acculevel is the same as yours:

Protect and preserve your home so that it remains a safe and healthy place for you and your family to live.

Concrete Lifting and Leveling - Porch Before & After

Before & After: Entryway concrete lifting and leveling and crack repair.

As part of our commitment to preserving our customers’ homes, we have developed a Home Inspection Program (HIP).  Once the repairs or improvements to your home are completed, you will be enrolled in a complimentary one-year membership to our HIP!

But you don’t have to be an existing Acculevel customer to join our program.  Keep reading to learn exactly what our HIP is, what it covers, and what it costs.


You should sign up for Acculevel’s Home Inspection Plan if :

  • You want to have your home professionally checked on an annual basis.
  • You don’t have the ability (or you’re not willing!) to enter your home’s crawl space.
  • You want to have your new waterproofing system evaluated and serviced by an experienced service tech.

But these are just some of the benefits of Acculevel’s HIP. 

Let’s look at ALL it will offer you in protecting your home…

Project advisor inspecting a crawl space

What Does the Acculevel HIP Include?

Your HIP includes a yearly, comprehensive home inspection.

When you schedule your HIP appointment, a member of Acculevel’s service team will come to your home, introduce themselves, and inspect your home following a detailed HIP-checklist.

Once completed, they will then sit down with you to review and discuss what (if anything!) they found that needs your attention.

The HIP inspection checklist includes:

  • Check and clean sump pump, the sump pump pit, the battery back-up
  • Water test all pumps, check valves, any floor drains
  • Test discharge line and high water alarm (replace battery if needed)
  • Check dehumidifier filter and humidity level
  • Test the outlets in the basement/crawl space that power the equipment
  • Survey the yard drainage and grading, downspouts and drainage
  • Inspect the drainage system, structural wooden flooring
  • Look for inward wall movement, foundation wall cracks, floor cracks
  • Check doorways and window
  • Evaluate home for safety/any risk factors/needed service or repairs
Basement waterproofing including sump pump installation with battery backup

Acculevel customer’s basement after foundation repairs and waterproofing

Join the Home Inspection Program & Enjoy These Added Benefits!

A brass key overlaying the handwritten word "Benefits"

HIP members are entitled to:

red checkmark    15% off repairs

red checkmark   5-year free labor and parts

red checkmark   Special financing options

red checkmark   HIP member-only coupons

red checkmark   Transferable HIP

red checkmark   Promotional Events

What does the HIP Cost?


If you’re a previous Acculevel customer, your Project Advisor will automatically enroll you in your 1-year HIP membership.

If you’re new to Acculevel and would like to enroll in the HIP, please complete this form or call the office at 866-953-1501.

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