Learn why more homeowners trust Acculevel over any other Foundation Repair brand.


Our service area includes: Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan

How to fix a cracked foundation:

Customers often ask how to fix foundation problems and what foundation crack repair kits may be available. We do more than fill cracks with epoxy, we solve the problem at the source by reversing the effects of sinking homes and cracked foundations. Foundation cracks in your basement floor or walls may make you wonder when to worry. A free estimate from Acculevel is the most effective way to learn about your options.

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Acculevel, expertly repairing cracked foundations

Foundation Repair

Permanently fix your foundation problems with our solid steel piering process.

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Acculevel, expert installation of sump pumps to waterproof your basement


Fix sagging floors and keep moisture out of your home with waterproofing solutions.

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Why Do Homeowners Choose Acculevel?

More homeowners choose Acculevel over any other Foundation Repair brand. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

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Water in your basement after rain:

Water can come from many places like where your walls meet the floor, from cracks in basement walls, and even from windows. Interior waterproofing systems such as encapsulation, a waterproofing membrane, are available from Acculevel for both basements and crawlspaces. We can stop water from seeping through basement walls and coming up through basement floor cracks with other drainage systems such as Water Tunnel and Geo-Channel.

How much does concrete leveling cost?

The cost of raising concrete is variable based on the size of the job. Acculevel has a $1,200.00 minimum on any concrete leveling job. Foam jacking, slab jacking, polyurethan foam lifting, etc all describe the concrete raising system we use as an alternative to mudjacking. Not only does polyfill work better than mudjacking at raising uneven sidewalks or slabs, but it produces a cleaner and faster result.


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