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When your home has issues with its foundation, basement or crawl space, you need to respond immediately. If left untouched, these problems jeopardize your family’s safety, ruin your property value, and cost you extra money.


Basement leaks damage your belongings, produce mold & mildew, and cause extensive damage. We can find the source and provide a solution.


Crawl spaces are common targets for foundation settling, water intrusion, cracking and biological growth. We have solutions for all of these issues.


A settling or cracked foundation can cause a host of problems for the rest of your home. We can assess the damage and provide you with options.


Acculevel’s free symptom checker can start you on the process to diagnosing common
foundation, basement and crawl space problems. Click on the problem you’re facing and we’ll take you to more information on common causes and solutions for your home.

Symptom Checker: House Infographic

from our satisified Customers

There are hundreds of options when choosing a foundation and basement repair specialist. See why so many choose Acculevel.

“Definitely satisfied with the work Acculevel performed. The crew did a great job and cleaned up the area after the work was completed.”
“Everyone is extremely nice and highly satisfied with the work that was completed. I would recommend everyone to Acculevel.”
“The crew was very diligent and got the job done. They are completely satisfied! Happy as a Lark!”
“The job was completed thoroughly. I could not have been more pleased with how well everything went.”
“Acculevel did a great job! The crew did wonderful work and cleaned up after themselves as well. We are very satisfied!”
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How Do I Find My Foundation In A Crawl Space?

Are you doing an inspection on your home? Maybe you are just wanting to take a look in your crawl space to make sure your home isn’t having any major issues. If so, it is important to know where your foundation is inside of your crawl space. In this video we will help you locate that.

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Financing Options Available

Do you need financing assistance on your repair? We have several financing options you can explore and see if they’re right for you.