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  1. Concrete Lifting. Concrete Leveling. Slabjacking. Mudjacking. What’s the Difference?

    Slabjacking is one of the primary services that we offer at Acculevel.  In previous articles, we’ve explained how it works, when it won’t work, and compared it to helical piers as a repair option. But we keep running into questions about the term, “slabjacking,” and...
  2. Garage Floor Repair: How to Fix a Sinking or Settling Foundation

    A garage is a significant selling point for a home, and there’s a good reason for that.  Garages are incredibly convenient and useful.  They keep your vehicle out of the elements, provide storage for tools and equipment, and give you a dry and well-lit space for...
  3. When Slabjacking Won’t Work for You: An Illustrated Guide.

    Slabjacking is an awesome method for lifting concrete slabs that have sunk into the ground.  In a few minutes or a couple of hours, using a polyurethane foam injection, your patio or sidewalk can be brought back up to level.  This process makes very little mess and...

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