Tag: bowed walls

  1. How to Repair Foundation Cracks

    When you find a crack in your foundation, you probably have one of two basic reactions.  Either you panic that your home is no longer stable, or you shrug it off as routine settling.  I’d suggest avoiding these extremes, and aim for the grey area between them;...
  2. How to Straighten a Bowed Foundation Wall

    We’ve discussed bowed basement walls in our blog before.  We reviewed what causes a wall to bow in this article, and we explored repair methods and costs in this one.  But lately we’ve been hearing a different question about bowing walls from customers: what if I want...
  3. How to Fix Foundation Cracks

    Most people assume that if their foundation has a water problem, they’ll notice it quickly.  This isn’t always the case, however.  Water may be damaging your foundation without leaking into your basement or crawl space.  But if you see cracks in your foundation...

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