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Is Acculevel the Right Contractor for You? An Honest Review

brick basement with encapsulation

Too often, companies and salespeople pressure customers.  They’re certain that if they keep pushing you, a little bit harder, a little bit farther…you’ll cave and sign a contract.  These companies don’t ever stop to wonder if they’re the right fit for you.  They assume everyone should do business with them.  

But that’s not possible, not really.  There are repair methods that some homeowners don’t like, some foundation types that don’t work with a contractors’ products, and this isn’t a bad thing. Nor does it mean that someone is making the wrong decision.  

And if it feels wrong to read a review of Acculevel that is written by Acculevel… I get where you’re coming from.  But this isn’t a sneaky sales gimmick.  Your time is valuable and we respect that. This review is meant to be the fastest and most direct way for you to learn what we do, what we don’t, and whether or not we’re the contractor you need.    

Acculevel was founded in 1996 by Andy Beery.  We are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in foundation repairs and waterproofing.  Our service area includes all of Indiana and parts of the surrounding states, and as of this writing, we’ve helped more than 35,000 homeowners accomplish their goals.

In this article, we’re going to explain the services we offer, products we use, and the warranties we provide.  We’ll also discuss our limitations, and what we need from our customers for repairs to be successful. 


What Can Acculevel Do For You?

Foundation Repair

I mentioned that we repair foundations.  This includes repairing foundation cracks, whether they are allowing water to intrude into your home or not.  If you have a basement wall that is badly cracked or bowing inward, we have methods for stabilizing or straightening it.  

If your foundation is beginning to settle (or sink) in a way that is straining your home’s structure, we can install helical piers to resolve it. 

Foundation repair options for bowing walls or settling issues are warrantied for the life of your structure.

cracked and bowing basement wall
This photo was taken by an Acculevel project advisor during an in-home assessment.  There are multiple cracks in this wall, and it is beginning to bow inward. 


Sagging Floor Repairs

If your floor is sloping, sagging, or is beginning to show gaps around your baseboard, your home’s structural flooring system needs maintenance.  Acculevel can repair damaged or decaying floor joists, sill plates, and the other wooden components under your floor. 



Do you have a basement or crawl space that’s getting damp, actively leaking, or flooding?  

We can install a waterproofing system to address your level of water intrusion.  Acculevel has four different drainage types, so we can install the best water drainage for your home.  We also install Wayne brand sump pumps with battery back-up, so even in power outages your system will keep working. 

Waterproofing (excluding baseboard) is warrantied for the life of your structure.  Sump pumps include a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, which we service for our customers.

brick basement with encapsulation
This photo was taken by an Acculevel crew member after completing repairs.  We installed waterproofing and encapsulation in this customer’s basement. 



Encapsulation is another product and service that is applicable to both basements and crawl spaces.  Basement encapsulation is the ideal way to prepare for a renovation that will include finishes like drywall and carpeting.  Similarly, crawl space encapsulation provides you with a clean and dry space that will promote healthy air throughout your home

The encapsulation material that Acculevel uses is the strongest and most puncture-resistant on the market.  We install Aprilaire brand dehumidifiers, which are powerful enough to maintain a programmed humidity level for a home up to 5500 square feet.  

Encapsulation is warrantied for 25 years.  Dehumidifiers come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, which we service for our customers.


Egress Windows

If you are finishing your basement, or thinking about adding a living space to your basement, an egress window is an exceptional investment.  Acculevel installs windows and window wells that are 100% compliant with international building codes. 

Egress windows come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, which we service for our customers. 


Slabjacking (Concrete Leveling & Lifting)

If you have a slab foundation in your home, a concrete driveway, a patio, concrete steps, or any large solid concrete structure in general, slabjacking could be a useful service for you. Over time, these heavy home components sink into the ground.  This can lead to pooling water, trip hazards, and possibly major structural issues if it’s in or near your home.  Slabjacking is a clean, fast, minimally invasive way to lift and level the concrete slab on your property.  

Acculevel provides a 5 year warranty for slabjacking services.  


What Are Acculevel’s Limitations & Restrictions?

I mentioned that Acculevel isn’t the best fit for every homeowner.  This is especially true if we don’t have the right tools for the job.

Foundation Material Matters

Like most foundation repair companies, Acculevel has developed products and services to repair concrete foundations.  If your home has a brick or stone foundation that is cracked or settling, you should work with a bricklayer or masonry contractor.  

If you have a wooden foundation that is showing signs of trouble, you will probably need a structural engineer.  They will be able to assess your home and its needs, then design a solution.  Once an engineer has determined what you need, then you can consider which contractor is best suited to implement that solution.  


An important exception to this rule: waterproofing and encapsulation.  We can use the same waterproofing and encapsulation methods on virtually all materials: concrete, stone, and brick.  This is because our water drainage types vary based on the type of floor in your basement or crawl space; these are rarely anything other than poured concrete.


We Are Not a National Company

We’re not part of a national chain, nor are we part of a franchise that a parent company controls.  Acculevel is a family-owned company based out of Rossville, Indiana.  We serve the state of Indiana, and parts of the surrounding states (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky).  If you don’t live in the Hoosier State and want to verify we serve your area, check out the expandable service area map on our website.   


Your Crawl Space Has to be Accessible

Sometimes, builders do some frustrating things.  There’s no real value to having a crawl space that isn’t accessible to adults; if you can’t physically fit into a space, there’s no way you can work in it!  But we have seen a surprising number of crawl spaces that are 16 inches or shorter.  

We require a crawl space height of at least 18 inches for inspections and repairs.  If your crawl space is shorter than this, we will need you to remove the flooring before our project advisors can evaluate your home. If you don’t want to do this, we understand- but we will not be able to work with you. 

crawl space entrance with no door
This photo was taken by an Acculevel project advisor.  Clearly, he couldn’t access their crawl space.


Work Surfaces Must Be Accessible, Also. 

While we’re on the subject of accessibility, we need to be able to see your foundation if you want us to diagnose the source of water intrusion.  We get that it is highly inconvenient to have to remove drywall or pull up flooring before a home evaluation is done.  But our project advisors cannot evaluate what they cannot see. Our crew members cannot repair what they cannot reach.  


Some Services Have Minimum Job Requirements

Most of us are not independently wealthy; we have budgets and try to maintain emergency funds for unexpected repairs.  Acculevel offers several financing options, if your repairs exceed your budget.

We are transparent and direct about our costs with customers.  The price you’re quoted is the total cost of your project.  We don’t add extras to our invoices like travel charges, service fees, or even sales tax.  (We pay the applicable taxes to simplify the process for our customers.)

But if you are only interested in working with a contractor who provides the lowest possible bid, we may not be the right fit for you.  Crack repairs have an $800 minimum, and we will thoroughly evaluate your home before quoting anything.  Our intention is to completely resolve your problem, which could include additional services like repairing a crack on both sides of the foundation or even waterproofing.  

Slabjacking is another process that comes with a specific minimum; any concrete leveling job will be at least $2,000.  It does not matter how large or small the area that needs repair; given the costs of the polyurethane foam materials and the equipment, it’s not feasible for us to charge less than this and manage expenses. We believe the longevity and value of the repair makes this minimum worthwhile, but you may have different priorities. 


Real Estate Limitations

We Require the Homeowner’s Knowledge and Permission

If you are not the owner, we will not perform an inspection for you without the owner’s explicit permission. This may seem like stating the obvious, but there are instances where a renter or other interested party wants to have a home assessment done.  

We Are Not Home Inspectors

We want to be clear about this fact:  we are not home inspectors.  Acculevel is a contractor that repairs foundations and installs waterproofing.  If you are buying or selling a home, you will need to have a qualified inspector perform an inspection; they will review the entire home, not just the foundation!  After an inspection reveals the home has issues and the inspector recommends you consult with a foundation repair company, we would be happy to review the inspection results and help you plan the needed repairs. 

We Need You to Meet Our Project Advisor at the Home

If you are a prospective buyer, we will need you and/or your realtor to make arrangements for access to the home.  We will not perform a home evaluation without the homeowner or prospective homeowner present to validate our project advisor’s presence.  This is necessary to protect our employees from liability and harm.  

We Guard Against Potential Conflicts of Interest

If we have already performed an assessment for the seller, we will not perform one for the potential buyer.  (Or vice versa.)  If one party chooses to share our evaluation with the other, that’s all well and good.  But we cannot legally compete with ourselves.  We also will not violate the implied trust of our customers by sharing what we consider confidential information about someone’s home or property.


FYI: regarding customer’s personal data.   Acculevel does not buy or sell marketing lists; your phone number, email address, or other personal data are not ours to sell.  We also do not save your credit card information in our system, once a transaction is completed.  We keep record of your contract and associated details only to verify work completed and track issued warranties. 


Ethical Concerns

Regarding Deceitful or Harmful Behavior

We are a family company.  We take our responsibilities seriously and value our reputation as an ethical and trustworthy business.  If you schedule an in-home assessment with us, and your end goal is to gain insight into how the repairs are done so you can attempt home repairs?  Or if you are trying to determine how you can camouflage indications of foundation trouble?  Please do not waste our time or yours.  Our intention and our focus is to help homeowners protect and preserve their homes.  We won’t be held liable for any errors you make for trying to DIY repair your foundation, and we absolutely will not be part of any attempted deceit.


Our Goal is to Provide a Whole-Home Solution

Our focus is on providing whole-home solutions that solve your current problem, as well as preventing new or worsening problems.  An example of this would be waterproofing a crawl space: if you regularly have water in your crawl space, you can expect to have sagging floors in your future. Moisture is the number one cause of decaying wooden flooring structures.  

damp and rotting beam
This photo was taken by an Acculevel project advisor during an in-home appointment.  The joists and beam are badly molded and rotting.


If you choose to only install a vapor barrier, and put off waterproofing?  This will save you money at this moment- but it can cost you exponentially more later.  Our sales director once witnessed this experience first hand. 

In 2015, he recommended waterproofing to a homeowner; at that time, the cost would have been $4500.  They decided not to act. 

In 2017, they called him with flooring concerns.  When he went into their crawl space this time, one end of their main beam was on the ground, the sill plate had rotted, and the joists needed extensive repair. 

The costs to repair this were $24,000.  Two years of inaction cost them dearly. 


Are You Ready to Make an Appointment?

Would you like to have a thorough home evaluation done, and work with a contractor who treats your home as if it were their own? Call Acculevel at 866-669-3349 or complete our online form.  We will get an in-home appointment scheduled with one of our foundation experts.

If we’re not a good fit for you, please make sure your contractor of choice is insured and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  You are also welcome to use our guide to Questions to Ask a Contractor.  This guide is the product of multiple meetings with all of our staff, addressing questions we receive at every stage of the repair process.  It will help you determine if the contractor is on the “same page” as you, and avoid potential scam artists impersonating a respectable company. 



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