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How Much Do Egress Windows Cost?

Accuwell - Egress Window Well

Originally posted 6/18/21; updated 12/15/22

Like most homeowners, you have plans for your basement.  There are so many options: a dedicated craft room, a home office away from the kids, a man cave that’s more comfortable than the garage.  Who knows, maybe you’re going to have all three!  Before you start customizing shelves or installing a beer fridge, you need to be sure you’re covering all the necessities!

One of those necessities is an egress window.  You have to include one in your basement if it’s going to be a proper living space (proper = meets fire codes).  This secondary emergency exit provides peace of mind and represents a real estate investment in your home

Acculevel has been repairing basements and foundations since our start in 1996.  Our goal is to help homeowners preserve and protect their greatest investment.  Over the decades, we’ve helped more than 30,000 homeowners in our service area accomplish this goal.  We want to provide all of the information you need, to make the best possible decisions for you and your home.  

In this article, we’re going to detail the costs of installing an egress window in your basement.  We’ll include the variations between foundation types, labor costs, and warranty information.


What Type of Foundation Do You Have?

Your foundation material is a significant factor for installing an egress window.  Like many other foundation contractors, Acculevel is only able to work on concrete walls.  If your home has a brick foundation, you will need to work with a masonry company for this service.  

If you have a block or poured concrete foundation, we would be happy to help you!  

Block Vs Poured

For our work crews, it’s easier to break open a block foundation and install the window frame.  Essentially, the grout lines help guide the process and serve as points of (slightly) less resistance.  

Poured concrete is more difficult and time-consuming, because it has to be cut using specific tools. This means installing an egress window is more expensive in a poured foundation.  


How Can We Excavate for the Window Well?

A critical piece of the egress window is the window well that surrounds the window itself.  This well has steps built into its design.  All a family member has to do is open the window, climb into the well, and walk up the “steps” of the well.  The cover of the well is velcro-closed, so it can be easily pushed up and off the frame- even by a child.  

window well with stepsThis is a close-up photo of the window well Acculevel installs.  There are steps shaped directly into the well itself. 


Protecting Your Home is Our Priority

The window well takes up a good amount of space.  The outside measurement is almost 7 feet wide, so that the inside footage is large enough to allow for a good-sized adult to exit.  (The minimum requirement for building codes is 5’4” across.)

This means, bluntly, that we have to dig a large hole next to your basement.  If we can excavate the area by machine, that is going to be the fastest and easiest method.  But if there are important landscape features nearby that the machine may damage, we’ll do the digging by hand.  (No one wants a nice new egress window at the cost of a damaged garage!)

Digging by hand costs more, because of the additional labor that it entails.


Breaking Down the Value

Now that we’ve covered the variables, here are the numbers you need.  Keep in mind that these numbers include both materials and labor; our billing practices are as clear and direct as our blogs are!

Excavation By Machine:

  • Block Concrete Foundation: $8000-8200
  • Poured Concrete Foundation: $8400-8600


Excavation By Hand:

  • Block Concrete Foundation: $9200-$9400
  • Poured Concrete Foundation: $9500-$9700


Warranty Coverage

The egress window well is covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, which we service for our customers.  


Are You Ready to Have an Egress Window Installed? 

If you don’t live in Indiana or the surrounding areas, you’ll need to find a reputable local contractor.  We recommend that you always verify that the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  You can also check out our article on how to find a good contractor.

Has it been a while since you hired someone to work on your home?  Maybe it’s your first time, or you’ve had some less-than-stellar experiences?  Please use our free guide, Questions to Ask A Contractor, which explains what questions you should ask and why, and how to critically evaluate the answers you receive.

If you live in our area, you can also use the guide– the initial article includes our answers.  When you contact Acculevel, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with one of our knowledgeable and experienced project advisors.  They’ll listen to your concerns, address any questions you have, and make sure you receive the 5 star customer service experience that you deserve.  If you want to learn more about basement egress windows, check out our Homeowner’s Guide!

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