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When Should I Call a Contractor?

basement wall that is wet and molding

When most of us find an issue in our home, our first thought is, “Can I fix this myself?”  If the answer is no, we move directly to “Who should I hire to fix this?

But if you’re not careful, you may be lured into the tempting question that lurks between these two steps: “Can it wait?”  This is a dangerous thought, and it often leads to procrastination.  What every homeowner needs to remember is that procrastination costs money.

Acculevel is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in waterproofing and foundation repairs. Since our start in 1996, our goal has been to help homeowners like you preserve and protect your home.  

In this article, we’re going to explain why you should call a contractor sooner, rather than later.  Procrastination may be easy -and feel convenient- but it can be painfully expensive.


Water Damage Can (and Will) Happen 

Water is the primary cause of most wear and tear on a foundation.  Because it’s a natural force, it’s all but impossible to avoid.  Erosion below your footings can make your foundation settle.  Hydrostatic pressure can push against a foundation wall until it creates cracks.  If you have a crawl space, moisture under your home can lead to sagging or sloping floors. 

There are methods to repair water damage effectively and permanently; Acculevel warranties most of our services for the life of your structure.  If you have noticed foundation cracks or sticking doors and windows, you need foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Guide


Small Problems Lead to Greater Damage

Water damage, if left unresolved, will create additional problems with more substantial consequences. A foundation crack can lead to water intrusion.  Once you have water in your basement, your home can develop mold, mildew, etc.  Damp air and biological growth have a negative effect on your air quality, leading to respiratory or health issues. 

Acculevel also warranties most waterproofing services for the life of your structure.  If you have water in your basement, you need to install a water management system

Basement Waterproofing Guide


Making Repairs Increases Your Home’s Value

Your home is probably your single greatest financial investment.  Don’t let water damage and other festering issues lower your home’s value!  While it has been a seller’s market, don’t assume buyers will overlook red flags from a home inspection.  You could be cornered during price negotiations into making repairs or making allowances for repairs.  In fact, if they’re severe enough, foundation damages can actively drive off potential buyers.  

Not sure what signs and symptoms to look for?  Maybe you want to more accurately evaluate your home before an inspector does?  Our DIY Home Inspection Checklist will walk you through the process. 


What’s the Next Step?

Have you been putting off some needed foundation repairs?  Ready to control the water that’s been seeping into your basement?  You’ll want to find a reputable contractor in your area that’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau and well-reviewed on sites like Google, Home Advisor, and Yelp.   

If you live in Indiana or the surrounding areas, contact Acculevel.  We will set an appointment for you with one of our friendly and knowledgeable project managers.  They will meet with you, discuss your concerns, evaluate your home, and develop a plan with you to achieve your goals.

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