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The Top 5 Sump Pumps for Homeowners in 2020

water seeping into basement corner

The Top 5 Sump Pumps for Homeowners in 2020

If you have water in your basement or crawl space, we recommend installing a water drainage system and a sump pump.  Acculevel has been waterproofing homes since 1996 and has installed literally thousands of sump pumps. We exclusively use Wayne brand sump systems with battery backups that are not readily available to consumers.

But If you only need to replace a broken pump, only have water in one section of your home, or you are a diehard DIY fan, you may want to install a sump pump yourself.  If so, then this is the article for you! We have compared dozens of sump pumps, verifying reviews from customers and consumer groups alike.  

For the purposes of this article, we have only included products commercially sold to consumers, either online or in home improvement stores.  The top 5 options are listed in order of price, lowest to highest.  

All of the models listed meet the following criteria:  they are available at home improvement stores, they have a rating of 4 stars or more, and use ½ horsepower motors.  Please note that you may need additional parts and accessories for the installation: drainage lines, pits, and backup options are not included with any of these models.

The Best Sump Pumps for 2020


ModelBrandGPM MaterialWarrantyPrice
148011Utilitech55Aluminum1 year$140
30011-4AquaPro64Cast Iron5 years$145
CDU800Wayne53Cast Iron3 years$147
BW1050Basement Watchdog74Aluminum2 years$150
1075-0001Zoeller60Cast Iron2 years$190



This pump features a tethered float switch for reliable water removal and long pump life. The corrosion-resistant construction and screened base provide protection from debris.  


The AquaPro is a cast-iron submersible sump pump equipped with an innovative reed sensor vertical float switch.  The rugged cast-iron construction is ideal for an application requiring a rugged submersible pump.


The CDU800 features a durable cast iron base and epoxy-coated housing for long life and quiet operation. The ceramic mechanical seal assures long life in the most demanding applications and the 1-1/2 in. discharge allows easy installation.

Basement Watchdog

The Basement Watchdog BW Series of pumps feature a top discharge design, which makes it ideal for use in sump pits as narrow as 7 inches diameter. Powerful and energy efficient, the permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor provides up to 74 GPM and only pulls 4.2 amps. 


This pump features a premium electro-magnetic float switch for reliable water removal and long pump life. The rugged cast iron construction and non-clogging vortex impeller provides peace of mind. 


Should You Buy A Battery Backup for Your Sump Pump?

This is something we highly recommend.  The most common cause for a power outage is bad weather; in the midwest, bad weather usually includes rain or snow.  If your power goes out and the basement floods, you are most likely going to be responsible for the costs of the repairs.  Sump pump failure is not covered by flood insurance– only by an additional endorsement for sewer & drain.  

None of the pumps we researched came with a battery backup system. There are models available to consumers, but we chose not to include these because the selection is both limited and expensive.  A built-in backup system doubled (or in some cases, tripled!) the average price.   

There are, however, a wide range of battery backup systems on the market that you can add on to your sump pump of choice.  Depending on your preferences and needs, a backup system will cost anywhere from $150-$500.  


Can You Install a Sump Pump on Yourself? 

This is a moderately challenging project for your average homeowner.  The tools required are not particularly complicated; installation generally only requires screwdrivers, channel locks, and a handsaw.  But you will need a good set of basic skills- you’ll need to have some knowledge of plumbing, wiring, and mechanical know-how.

However, if you also need to install a pit to house your sump pump, things could get more complicated.  In a crawlspace with a dirt floor, you can make do with a simple shovel. But in a basement with a concrete floor, you’ll probably need to rent a jackhammer to break up the floor.  


Would You Like to Have a Sump Pump Installed for You? 

If reading this article has made you reconsider your desire to DIY, you can call Acculevel for a free estimate We install Wayne brand sump pump systems with a battery backup and service these products for 5 years.  These are super durable and reliable pumps, made in the USA, that can remove up to 10,000 gallons on a single battery charge.  Our installation includes all parts needed for the installation, including the pumps, check valves, battery, housing pit, and 30 feet of discharge line.  

The full cost of this installation is $1200-$1700, depending on the size of pump needed, and is usually completed within a few hours.  We also offer Blue Angel Monitoring, a system that alerts you by text if there are issues with the sump pump system.

If you don’t live in our service area, we recommend that you find an experienced local foundation company or plumber, and make an appointment.  Before you sign a contract for any service, you should always verify the company is reputable, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  

If you’d like more information about the waterproofing process, we have more to share with you!  We’ve detailed the process and costs for waterproofing both basements and crawl spaces.  

If you have noticed other issues with your basement, crawl space, or foundation, you are welcome to use our free symptom checker for help diagnosing potential concerns.

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