Are sagging floors tripping you up? Is your furniture slowly sliding out of place? Does your floor feel bouncy or spongy in certain places? As it turns out, it’s more than just a nuisance! A sagging floor is actually a serious sign that something is wrong with your home’s interior support system.

This structural problem is typically caused by moisture, soil settlement, or poor floor support design. It’s important to address the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. If you aren’t sure why your floor is sagging, you should get a professional opinion. Attempting to save a little money is not worth living in a hazard zone with uneven, bouncy floors! Based on the severity of the issue and resulting support solution, sagging floors can be repaired with minimal invasion and cost.

So, how can you fix a sagging floor and make sure that the weight of your house is safely supported? The answer will depend on the cause of your sagging floor. As we mentioned above, there are several reasons why a floor would be sagging. Once you’ve identified the core issue, you can figure out which of the following methods is best to bring your floor back to middle ground.

If you want to know how to fix a sagging floor, the following are a few common solutions:

Helical piers: After drilling these long screw-like shafts into the soil, you can leverage resistance to lift your foundation to a level state using brackets.

I-beam and jacks: These metal beams, supported by adjustable steel posts, offer structural support. They’re cost-effective and fairly easy to install, tighten, and adjust.

Carbon fiber straps: These reinforce basement walls by bonding carbon fiber straps directly to the structure and supporting the foundation.

Ultimately, the above solutions require some kind of foundation expertise. Instead of attempting a stressful DIY fix, we recommend our Acculevel team members! We’ve been in the basement improvement and foundation repair business since 1978, and we can fix your sagging floor in no time. Our permanent floor support system can make most repairs a simple, inexpensive process.

Acculevel can help you repair your home, reclaim your basement and increase property value. We’re a family-owned business that understands the importance of maintaining a home and takes pride in our professionalism and honesty. Plus, we have decades of experience in safety. We’ll assess your situation and provide a clear, fair estimate to fix it.

You can trust your home to Acculevel. We provide free inspections and estimates so that you’ll know exactly what is needed for repairs. To learn more about sagging floor repair costs, or how to address your sagging floor issue, contact us online today.