How does Concrete Lifting Work?

The concrete around your home may settles over time for a number of reasons.  Changing soil conditions, improperly compressed soils, erosions from downspouts or drains, and uneven weight distribution are all common reasons concrete slabs shift or sink overtime. When addressed quickly, floating concrete slabs back into place through concrete lifting is a relatively routine fix.  If left untreated, you may need to replace the sunken concrete, which can be expensive and leave you unable to use the concrete during the repair.

Residential concrete lifting or slab jacking is a way to push uneven slabs back into place without a costly concrete overhaul.  Cracked steps or a sunken driveway can be hazardous to you or anyone who visits your home.  You don’t want your friends and family tripping and falling!  Concrete slab jacking is a process that lifts shifted concrete slabs back into place.  It is less invasive than full f replacement, and in most cases, is complete in a matter of hours.  Depending on the extent of your concrete settlement, you may be an excellent candidate for slab jacking.

What is slab jacking?

Slab jacking is the act of floating a concrete slab back into its original position by filling the ground beneath.  Traditional slab jacking will use a granular mix of sand, cement, fly ash, or other additives.  At Acculevel, we use environmentally-friendly polyurethane foam because it lasts longer and works faster.

How Slab Jacking Works

Slab jacking takes three steps that are usually completed in a few hours.

  1. Drill holes – first, holes are drilled throughout the tilted concrete. These holes typically range from 1-½ inches to 2 inches in diameter but at Acculevel these holes are 3/8” which is about the diameter of a pencil. The spacing of the holes depends on the slope of the concrete and how far it will need to be lifted. Drill holes must also be at least one foot away from the edges of the concrete slab.
  2. Pump grout – next, a pressurized mixture will be pumped into the drill holes. The mixture lifts the concrete slab by producing pressure. Traditional concrete lifting uses a mortar mixture of cement, sand, fly ash, and water. At Acculevel, we use polyurethane foam because it lasts longer and seals faster.  Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and will not hurt any surrounding grass or landscaping.
  3. Patch holes – when the slab is lifted and the holes are clear, the holes will be patched with concrete or grout.

How Long Concrete Lifting Lasts

Traditional slab jacking will usually last eight to ten years, when a grout mixture is used.    When polyurethane foam is used, the lift will be close to permanent.  No construction job can guarantee a permanent fix.  Your home’s concrete can always be impacted by severe weather, natural disaster, or structural changes.  Some of the concrete slabs that are susceptible to sinking are sidewalks, patios, driveways, front porches, slabs beneath your air conditioner, or concrete steps.  Raising sunken concrete through slab jacking extends the life of your concrete and prevents the need for replacement.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting

  • Cost-effective – concrete lifting is usually half the cost of a full concrete replacement.
  • Quick – cured as soon as it’s hardened. You can walk on the lifted slab immediately and drive on it in about 30 minutes.
  • Less invasive – you’ll see little change to the concrete color and minimal damage to any surrounding grass for landscaping. The lifting takes place in a controlled environment
  • Environmentally friendly – we use polyurethane foam that is safe for your surrounding environment and long-term use.

How much does slab jacking cost?

Like any construction job, the cost depends on the severity of the damage and how much work it will take to repair the concrete slabs.  Slab jacking is less expensive than concrete replacement, only about half the cost.  If you’d like an estimate, please give us a call so we can evaluate your specific case.  We proudly offer free estimates to our clients.

At Acculevel, we focus on providing the best concrete lifting services near you.  We try the latest concrete raising technology to ensure our customers are getting the best and longest lasting service.  Concrete lifting can be a near permanent fix with the right materials and the right technique.  If you’d like a free estimate of our concrete lifting services, please give us a call.

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