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What is Slabjacking?

What is slabjacking you may ask? If you have an area of concrete that is cracked or sinking this service is best for you. This is an alternate solution to replacing concrete. The process is simple with little damage to its surroundings.

Slabjacking is a process where discreet holes are drilled through a sunken concrete slab so that stabilizing foam material can be injected underneath. The stabilizing foam is completely safe and can lift concrete back into its original position by filling voids caused by erosion. The holes are then patched leaving a more refined finish compared to other techniques such as mudjacking.

1. Discreet holes drilled through sunken concrete

2. Stabilizing foam pumped under the concrete, raising it to the desired height

3. Holes are patched with concrete

Benefits of Slabjacking

Why did my concrete crack?

You may be asking why your slab cracked or sunk in the first place. This happens because the soil under the slab has eroded causing the concrete to have no support. When installing a new slab have a fill such as sand to compact the base of the slab. This will give better support and have less erosion.

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