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Acculevel Receives 2021 FC Tucker Awards

For The Second Year In A Row

We have won the Best in Class award for Foundation Repair!  Acculevel would like to thank F.C. Tucker for providing the opportunity to help so many local homeowners with our knowledge and expertise.

FC Tucker Award 2021


New This Year

We are also flattered to learn that we have been named a Top Twelve vendor.  F.C. Tucker works with 100+ vendors on a regular basis, so it’s an honor to be recognized for our customer service and values.

FC Tucker Award #2 2021



Resources for Home Buyers

If you are searching for your dream home, we have articles that can help you:

  1. We address the FAQs we hear in Buying a House? The Top 5 Questions Buyers & Realtors Ask Contractors.
  2.  When you go to view a home for the first time, feel free to use our Homebuyers Foundation Guide: Potential Signs of Trouble.
  3. If you find a home you’re interested in, and want a contractor to evaluate it, please be aware that companies usually have certain restrictions.  In this article, we explain how and why Acculevel limits the information we share.

Not sure if what you’ve noticed in your potential home is a problem?  Use our free diagnostic tool to evaluate your concerns:

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