Our Service Area

Published: Jan 15, 2018

Acculevel has continued to expand and grow our service to multiple states throughout the years. We currently service 352 zip codes including Indiana and parts of Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. If you currently need a service we offer and are not sure if we service your area, go to our

2018 Indianapolis Home Show

Published: Jan 12, 2018

Come join us at the 2018 Indianapolis Home Show at booth 583 or 6001. Our representatives will be there talking about our unique offering of permanent solutions. Watch the video below to learn more. We would be more than happy to speak with you about your foundation or waterproofing...

6 Easy Steps to Help Prevent Water in Your Basement

Published: Jan 12, 2018

No one likes to have water in their basement. Water in your basement or crawlspace could be caused by foundation problems or another issue. We have compiled a list that will help to determine the cause and ways to prevent water intrusion in your basement or crawlspace. 

Causes of a Wet Basement

Published: Jan 10, 2018

Did you know that 60% of homes have or will experience a wet basement? Make sure you look for the common entry points that can cause this issue. If you see a water intrusion, it is time to make a call to Acculevel.

Where to Look for Common Winter Foundation Problems

Published: Jan 4, 2018

With snow and ice already here now is the time to make sure your basement and/or crawlspace is secure from any water intrusion. To ensure you do not have a wet basement when the ice starts to melt, here are a few foundation warning signs to look for:

1. Cracking in the wall around window...

How Healthy is Your Home?

Published: Jan 2, 2018

Not sure where to start to see how healthy your home is? We have compiled inspection reports from several foundation repair professionals to create a free printable self-inspection checklist. With this checklist you will be able to self diagnose common foundation issues, determine if an...

Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacing Concrete

Published: Dec 6, 2017

Acculevel can fix concrete problems of all shapes and sizes. Proper repair and maintenance of Acculevel’s services will keep your outdoor concrete looking great. Our years of experience and knowledge of all things concrete gives us the ability to make the areas around your house...

Happy Thanksgiving From Team Acculevel

Published: Nov 26, 2017

It's officially the holiday season! As families get together to prepare food, scramble for items on their shopping lists and unbox winter clothing, here at Acculevel we prepare a little differently. This time of year is known as a "second season" for severe weather....

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