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Will the Installation Crew Need Access to My Home?

basement with furnishings moved aside

Since our start in 1996, Acculevel’s goal has been to help homeowners protect and maintain their homes.  We meet this goal by installing the best products available and providing five star quality service from start to finish.  For us, customer service includes providing useful and  educational materials to all homeowners who need the knowledge we have to offer.  

Generally, I try to write these articles so that the information we provide is applicable to any homeowner, not just those that live in our service area or are specifically Acculevel customers.  However, this particular FAQ is more specific than most; it’s from homeowners who are preparing for Acculevel to make repairs to their homes.

We don’t want to discourage you from reading this article, regardless of where you live or whom you’ve chosen to work on your home.  While we can’t speak on behalf of other companies, we hope this blog will help you decide which questions you need to review with your contractor of choice. 

In this FAQ, we’re going to explain when our installation teams need access to a customer’s home.  For ease of use, I’ve broken this up into three primary sections (basement, crawl space, and slabjacking), with an additional question about flooring at the end. 


Do You Have a Basement?

If we are doing any work in your basement, the crews will likely need access to your home.  There could be exceptions: if you have an outside entrance to the basement, it’s a walk-out basement, accessible from the garage, etc. 

Sometimes, even external work like helical piers or slabjacking will require the crew to enter your home to evaluate how the process is affecting your home.  This is especially true if we are trying to achieve lift with the piers, or the slab being repaired if very close to your foundation.  

Don’t forget: if we are installing water drainage or carbon fiber straps, we need your furniture & belongings moved at least 4 feet from the work site.

basement with furnishings moved asideThis picture was taken by a crew member after water drainage was installed.  You can see the homeowners had moved all of their belongings away from the walls before the work was done. 


Does Your Home Have a Crawl Space?

Obviously, if the access to your crawl space is inside your home, the crews will need to take tools and equipment through your home to the crawl space.  

However, if your crawl space has an outside access door, the crews will only need inside the home if the repairs involve lift.  When we install and adjust steel jacks, too much movement can create additional cracking.  Having a crew member upstairs to watch the drywall as the other crew member makes the adjustments is fairly standard. 

Of course, if you have to remove flooring for us to make the crawl space repairs, we’ll need you to give the crews in-home access. (Crawl space minimum height is 18 inches.)


Is Your Home on a Slab Foundation?

For Interior Slabjacking

If we’re lifting or leveling a settling interior slab, we’ll definitely need access into your home.  We’ll also need you to empty the room(s) of furniture and belongings, and the carpet or tile will have to be taken up so the slab is clearly visible.  The same is true if we are working on your garage floor; vehicles and belongings will need to be temporarily relocated.  

For Exterior Slabjacking

I alluded to this earlier, but want to mention it again.  If we are slabjacking a patio, walkway, or other concrete surface close to your home’s foundation, we may ask for access to your home.  In rare circumstances- usually in predominantly clay soils-  the polyurethane foam expands all  the way to the foundation.  Periodic checks can help us avoid any unexpected issues or complications. 

If You Need Helical Piers

Any time we are trying to achieve lift, we need to monitor the interior walls of the home.  Helical piers can be used for either stabilization or lift, so whether we need home access will depend on your expectations for the project. 


How Will You Protect My Floor?

Our goal is to treat your home as if it were our own.  If our crew needs to carry materials in through the house in inclement weather, they can put down plastic or cardboard to minimize the mess their wet boots make.

Any trash our installers produce will be removed when the job is completed.  If excavation is needed, we will do our best to refill the area after we finish. 

We also have created guidelines for site preparation, if you’d like additional information about the particulars of your repair installation.  If you have questions about what your repairs will involve, please don’t hesitate to contact your project manager.  They have been to your property, seen it firsthand, and will be the most knowledgeable person to ask.  


We Want to Protect You and Your Home

I would like to reinforce this message to you: Acculevel’s goal is to do the best and most thorough repair possible, to protect and maintain your home.  We know that allowing our employees into your home demonstrates trust, and we intend to repay that trust with the absolute best in customer service.  

If you have any additional questions about your upcoming installation or the service(s) involved, you are always welcome to contact our office at 866-669-3349 or [email protected]



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