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How Long Should My Sump Pump Last?

sump pump

Your sump pump works hard to protect your home from basement flooding. A sump part is an indispensable part of any basement waterproofing solution: just because your basement has never flooded or always been dry doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way in the future. It also means that you need to be prepared for when your sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

The average sump pump will last between seven and ten years. The exact life of your pump will depend on how often it’s used, how far it needs to carry water, its electrical source, the quality of the pump itself, and whether the water has any debris in it. If your pump is acting up, it could be time for a replacement. Here are some common sump pump problems and what they mean for you.

Sump Pump Won’t Start or Run

If your pump isn’t doing its job at all, it could be an electrical or mechanical problem, which a basement waterproofing contractor can help you figure out. If the problem is a blown fuse, the fuse needs to be replaced. If the voltage of your sump pump’s power source is under the recommended minimum, check the size of your writing from the main switch: if it’s an ok, contact your power company for an answer. A defective motor or float switch could also keep your pump from starting, and the fix is simply replacing those parts. If the impeller is bound or the float is obstructed, carefully removing the obstruction or binding should solve the problem.

Frequent Starting and Stopping

An overworked pump is one that will need to be replaced sooner, so take care of any issues as soon as possible. If the problem is a backflow of water from the piping, you’ll need to have a basement waterproofing contractor install or replace the check valve. Faulty or defective float switches could also be the problem and need to be replaced, or maybe they’re just stuck and need to be unclogged or untangled.

Pump Runs Continuously

A pump that runs too much or continuously when the weather doesn’t call for it is a sign of a bigger problem and could fail when bad weather actually does strike. Just like the opposite problem of not starting, low line voltage might be a problem. There might be something in the pipes, which means removing the pump and cleaning it and the piping. If your pump’s float is obstructed, the obstruction needs to be removed.

A continuously running pump could also be a sign that it’s the wrong pump for your home. A pump that’s too small for your home might need to run continuously to keep up with the demands, and a pump that’s too powerful could fill up too fast. Your pump could also need a little extra help to keep up with your basement: a basement waterproofing contractor can help by installing a battery backup.

Not Enough Water is Delivered

If your pump is operating but not delivering enough water, it could be that something is caught in the impeller and that cleaning it could fix the problem. The anti-airlock hole could also be plugged, and a possible fix includes turning off the pump and cleaning out the hole before restarting it.

If the problem is that there’s no water in the pit, your pump might not be installed or hooked up correctly. There could also be problems with the drainage system, which could be clogged or even nonexistent. Disconnect a completely dry pump and call a basement waterproofing contractor.

Noisy Sump Pump

Noisy sump pumps are a very common homeowner complaint and a sign of pump problems. If you hear excessive thudding, rattling, grinding, or gurgling, it could mean your pump has a motor problem. Luckily, if you catch the problem soon enough, motors can be repaired or replaced by a basement waterproofing contractor without needing a whole new sump pump. Additionally, worn parts could make a replacement pump necessary, especially if the pump is vibrating excessively as a result of a damaged impeller. If the noise is especially strange or loud, disconnect the power and take a look at the discharge pipe, checking valves, and insulating pit: if you’re not comfortable with maintaining the pump alone, call a basement waterproofing contractor.

Acculevel Basement Water Repairs

Water in your basement can cause problems that range from cracked walls to mold and can ultimately cause your foundation to fail. Your sump pump is one of the most important parts of your basement waterproofing system, and Acculevel’s foundation repair experts can make sure your sump pump and backup system run the best that it can for its entire life. If you need a free basement reconditioning or waterproofing estimate, contact Acculevel.

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