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Mold Removal: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

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When you see mold growing in your basement or crawl space, it might look like a small problem that you can deal with easily in an afternoon with some bleach. What looks like a small problem on the surface is usually a much bigger one that requires a little more planning. Before you decide whether to DIY mold removal or hire a professional, you should learn a little bit about mold and what removing it would involve.

Mold Removal 101

When mold is outside, it plays an important role in the ecosystem. When mold comes inside an enclosed area like your home, it can cause health problems and damage your belongings. Even if the mold in your home is a small colony in your basement or crawl space, the microscopic spores can float through the air in your home and get inhaled.

If there’s mold in your basement or crawl space, it’s because there’s water damage in the area. Liquid water or humidity, when combined with organic food surfaces and temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, creates optimal conditions for mold growth. Water can come into your home from a pipe or water heater leak, a flood, improperly functioning gutters, or foundation issues like cracked basement walls: a foundation repair Indiana specialist will be able to pinpoint the source of the water in your home.

DIY Mold Removal

Before you take steps to remove mold on your own, consider your health and physical condition, everyone in your home, your neighbors, and the amount of mold you think you have. If the job is going to be too big, dangerous, or complicated, hiring professionals is the way to go. Very small mold remediation jobs are possible to DIY, though: there are soaps and sprays that can kill or remove mold, and a really handy person can replace drywall or insulation that got affected.

What’s important is that you have the knowledge and equipment needed for a safe and thorough mold removal. You’ll need to remove the mold with a HEPA fitted vacuum, scrub the area with a disinfectant, and seal it with a sealer with antimicrobial agents. An N-100 or higher respiration and filtration unit, goggles, gloves, and a Tyvek suit are needed to protect your body. The area you’re cleaning should be well-ventilated and any moldy objects you’re removing from the area sealed to keep mold spores from going airborne. A professional will have all of the appropriate equipment and know-how for mold removal.

Professional Mold Removal

If the mold is airborne, has gotten into several structural elements of your home, or you just don’t know how far it could have traveled or how big of a problem it is, you should get professional mold removal. You should definitely bring in professionals if the amount of visible mold on a surface is greater than three feet by three feet.

Professional mold removal experts will have the proper procedures, equipment, and knowledge to deal with your mold problem, which could require different solutions depending on the type of mold, the parts of your home that are affected, and how long the mold has been there.

When mold removal is getting done, foundation repair for your Indiana home might also be discussed. Your foundation might come up in questions about the source of the mold and the tools that are needed to repair damage and seal the area. On top of the fact that professional mold removal experts will already have invested in the specialized equipment and knowledge needed to safely remove mold, they’ll probably be able to pinpoint any foundation issues that led to the mold problem in the first place. It’s possible to DIY mold removal on a surface level, but getting at the root of the problem, especially a big problem like foundation repair, requires an expert’s touch: it might be more expensive in the short term, but you’ll protect your family and the value of your home and save money on repairs and remediation in the future.

Acculevel Foundation Repair in Indiana

Mold in your home is a problem on its own, but also a symptom of other potentially serious problems with your Indiana home’s foundation. If there’s mold in your basement or crawl space, it’s because water is getting in your home: having a professional clean up your mold and repair what might be broken about your foundation is a worthwhile investment. You might feel comfortable treating mold on your own, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and it’s worth investing in foundation repair professionals in Indiana. Acculevel can provide the maintenance and repair needed to keep your foundation in good repair and your home dry and mold free. For a free home inspection and basement reconditioning or waterproofing estimate, contact Acculevel.

Kelly Kater

Over her twenty year career, Kelly has worked in a wide variety of fields: secondary education, nursing, biology, elder care, the postal service, multicultural development, and academia. She has developed a skill for translating industry-specific jargon into everyday language. Her goal is to share the knowledge and experience of the Acculevel team with homeowners, in a way that is both engaging and informative.

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