Will Foundation Repairs Damage My Landscaping?

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When your home needs repairs, that has to be your priority.  But it doesn’t mean you want to disregard all of the time, money, and energy you’ve invested in your landscaping.  Luckily, not all repairs put your yard at risk!

Acculevel has been repairing foundations and waterproofing homes since their start in 1996.  Our primary objective is to help you protect your home, restoring it to health and stability.  But our philosophy is to treat every customer’s home as if it were our own.  The two don’t have to be competing tasks; most of the time, it just takes a little planning and consideration.

I’m going to review the services we offer in general terms, and explain which of these may have a negative impact on your landscaping.  


Concrete Leveling Does Not Need to Be Invasive

Unlike replacing a driveway or patio, lifting concrete is minimally invasive.  Acculevel uses a slabjacking method, which injects polyurethane foam under the slab.  As the foam sets up, it lifts and holds the concrete in place.  Our slabjacking truck has a hose more than 200 feet long, so we can park in your driveway or on the street and still reach the work site.  


Many of Our Services Can Be Done from Inside Your Home

Two of our major services are internal waterproofing and encapsulation.  These are installed from inside your basement or crawl space, so the mess is limited to inside (or under) your home.  We believe our work crews are the best in the business, and they pride themselves on being respectful of you and your property.  Acculevel crews clean up the mess they make, to the best of their abilities.

We also can repair some foundation cracks and bowing walls from inside the home.  Carbon fiber straps and helical tiebacks do not require any excavation in your yard.

This photo was taken by an Acculevel crew member while installing helical piers.  The stair-step crack shows major settling occurred; the homeowner was unable to open the sliding glass doors.  To install piers, the deck in this area had to be removed & relocated until the repairs were completed.  (It was attached along the dark band of blocks.)


Settling Foundations Are Another Story

Unfortunately, if your foundation is sinking or settling, you need helical piers.  These will likely require excavation in your yard, and can be disruptive.  Depending on where the problem is and what is located outside the home in that area, you may need to temporarily remove a deck, relocate plants, or have concrete taken out.  

Bowing or leaning walls can require wall anchors under certain conditions.  These can also require limited excavation.  If items do need to be moved, your project manager will review these items with you during your home evaluation.  And even when excavating, our exceptional crews do everything they can to minimize any upheaval, and to restore your landscape to its previous condition. 

Exterior waterproofing is by far the most potentially damaging service.  This is not something we recommend to very many customers.  There are reasons for this, and one of the primary ones is that it can be highly disruptive to the home and property.


Do You Need Foundation Repairs or Waterproofing?  

Throughout this blog, we’ve linked to additional articles that we believe will help you research the individual services.  If you’re not sure which services you need, please use our free interactive Symptom Checker.

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