When is the Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair?

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Originally posted 1/21/2019,  updated 7/30/2020

When you think of doing home repairs, do you automatically think of warmer weather?  This would make sense- many outdoor industries like roadwork, landscaping, and roofing take place in the warmer months for the most effective results.  

Foundation repairs do not fall into this category, however.  Both foundation repairs and waterproofing can be done any time of year.  You may need waterproofing more in the spring, but that’s not when you have to install it!

Acculevel has been repairing foundations, waterproofing basements and crawl spaces, and lifting concrete since 1996. A family-owned and operated company, we are open year-round and provide needed services for our customers in every season. 

The only service we cannot provide year-round is slabjacking, and that’s only limited when the ground is frozen solid.   When a solid freeze occurs, the slab is frozen both to the ground and the adjacent slabs.  Lifting attempts do not work well in this situation, and the slab is more likely to crack.  But there are pros and cons of performing installations in different seasons, and we’re going to review these for you. 


Home Repairs in the Fall and Winter

There are benefits to waterproofing in the cooler seasons.  These are typically the drier months of the year, so you can have a system in place before spring thaws and rains make it an urgent need.  Foundation repairs like filling interior cracks or reinforcing bowing walls are unaffected by colder weather.  You will also be able to schedule your work more rapidly, because these are the slower seasons of the year for contractors.

Some exterior services, like installing helical piers or exterior crack repair, may be delayed or slowed by cold weather.  After all, excavations are harder to do in cold or frozen soil.

But the only significant drawback to repairs in cold weather is the potential loss of heat.  If your HVAC system is directly in the way of the repair or installation, it will need to be temporarily relocated.  No one wants to unhook their heat in the dead of a Midwestern winter; if the temperature is too severe, work may be postponed for the safety of you and your home.  (Frozen water pipes can be catastrophic to a home, and space heaters can be a risky substitute for a well-functioning furnace.)

long horizontal crack in block wallThis photo was taken by an Acculevel project manager during a routine estimate appointment.  The basement wall is cracking and beginning to bow inward.


Home Repairs in the Spring and Summer

This is often when homeowners discover that they need waterproofing or crack repair (or both!).  Thawing soil and spring rains are an ideal combination for water intrusion into your basement or crawl space. Excavations and external work are more easily done with a warmer soil.  

However, this is also when every outdoor-based service is jamming, and it can be harder to get work scheduled quickly.  And again- if your HVAC is inconveniently located, it will need to be moved.  While being without air conditioning does not endanger your home, it’s uncomfortable for even the healthiest person.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, relying on open windows is going to wreak havoc on your sinuses.


Do You Need Foundation Repairs or Waterproofing?

It’s pretty easy to determine if you have water in your basement, but you may not be sure how to diagnose other problems.  We have a resource for you, and we recommend that you use this in both spring and fall.  It’s our DIY foundation inspection checklist, and it is exactly what it sounds like.  Based on our own 21 Point Inspection Plan (which costs $500 for 5 years), this free guide will steer you through a detailed review of your home’s foundation.  

Have you noticed some concerns, but aren’t sure what they mean?  Access our free symptom checker here:

link to symptom checker

If you have concerns about potential problems in your home, please find a reputable and experienced contractor to assess your home.   Not sure how to proceed with that task?  We also have a blog that reviews the questions you should ask a contractor, with a free downloadable form you can use.  

Ask friends or neighbors, if they’ve had foundation repairs done.  Check with your HOA or the realty company who sold your home; most organizations have a short list of service providers they can recommend to you.  We also strongly encourage you to verify a contractor is insured and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, before signing a contract.  

If you live in Indiana or the surrounding areas, contact Acculevel.  We have helped tens of thousands of customers in the Midwest, and look forward to serving you.  We will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced project managers, who will recommend the best solution(s) for you and your home.  Click here for a free estimate


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