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Greg Backus

Project Advisor


Providing homeowners with an honest education about their home and potential concerns.


Greg started working in home improvement at a young age; his family is involved in property management and home improvement. Prior to Acculevel, he was in residential appraisal management.  He has also served in the ministry, primarily with youth and young adult groups.  

He and his marvelous wife Ashley have four boys, and they all play an active part in the mission of Blue Tassel Farm.  Greg and Ashley are also interested in developing marriage relationships between couples to develop endurance through conflict.


  • Greg plays 5 different musical interests and loves to sing.  He has been part of several barbershop quartets and is also cultivating that hobby with his sons.
  • He is one of Acculevel’s most senior project advisors, and frequently mentors newer staff members.
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