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Corey Bearden

Project Advisor


Purdue University
Bachelor of Science
Industrial Management


Help homeowners regain peace of mind by providing the appropriate home solution for their problems.


Corey was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana to a close-knit family.  He and his three brothers often visited their grandfather on his farm, to help him with chores.  After graduating from Purdue, Corey spent approximately 20 years working in construction, with a focus on single-family homes.

Now Corey and his amazing wife have started their own family.  They have three young sons, including a set of twins.


  • Everyone in the Bearden family is a Boilermaker fan!  Corey himself was a walk-on for both football and track.  His father was on the Purdue basketball team in 1969.
  • Even Corey’s in-laws are Boilers!  His brother-in-law played baseball, and his father-in-law was the team doctor for Coaches Keady and Tiller.
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