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Andy Beery

Founder & CEO


Establish the company vision, develop our team, eliminate potential  roadblocks for growth, set high quality standards, and maintain our trustworthy reputation.


Andy was born and raised in the small town of Rossville, Indiana.  He’s been involved with the concrete business since he was a teenager working for his father.  After seven years of working for other contractors and learning the trades, Andy decided he was ready for the challenge of running his own company.  

He founded Acculevel in 1996, and the company has been growing and evolving ever since.  Andy takes every opportunity to find and develop new repair products and techniques, to make sure Acculevel is at the forefront of the foundation repair industry. 

Andy and his lovely wife Sharla have been married since 1991. Sharla was an essential force behind the scenes, managing all the administrative tasks at Acculevel until 2006 when she was needed at home.  She returned to the office in 2019, and now manages archival records and warranties.  Andy and Sharla are the proud parents of two adult sons (who both work for Acculevel), as well as a teenage daughter named Nia.  

Whether it’s learning a new skill, a new sport, or building a business, Andy is always eager for a new challenge!


  • A dedicated athlete, Andy runs an average of 16-24 miles per week.
  • He also enjoys wakeboarding, surfboarding, slalom skiing- anything that gives him a chance to take the boat out! 

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