While changing seasons and sometimes unpredictable weather are part of the experience of living in Lafayette, Indiana, they can also cause a host of problems for homeowners, such as issues with your home’s foundation. If you find yourself in need of the trustworthy foundation repair Lafayette, Indiana residents often seek, Acculevel is just what you have been looking for. Our team of dedicated foundation experts help local families with their foundation needs each day, bringing the best mix of caring customer service and excellent repair work every single time.  We have been in business since 1996 and have spent that time helping homeowners around the Midwest with basement improvement and foundation projects. Read on to learn more about our services, and contact us to get a free foundation repair estimate.

Solving Basement Water Issues

Is your home suffering from water intrusion in the basement? This scenario commonly happens when a house becomes overrun by water. It can be due to heavy rainfall in the summer or melting snow at the end of winter.  Water-soaked soil around your home’s exterior can also cause structural problems, such as mold growth, damaged walls, and other foundational issues. Additionally, damaged floors and walls can lead to floods or leaks caused by water entry in your basement.  If you notice any of these issues in your home, contact Acculevel as soon as possible. Water intrusion can lead to a host of structural and health concerns that you and your family do not need to deal with. 

Solutions for Water Damage to Your Foundation

Our Lafayette foundation repair team installs excellent basement waterproofing systems. These often include advanced sump pumps with reliable battery backup systems that will kick on during a power outage or sump pump failure. This allows you to have greater peace of mind during a Midwestern storm or power failure.  We also install water drainage systems that allow basement water to be redirected into Acculevel’s sump pumps. This relieves the water pressure on your home’s foundation and prevents further damage. You can learn more about our waterproofing solutions by getting in touch with our Lafayette foundation repair team.

Mitigating Mold in Lafayette, IN

Sometimes, water damage in a basement has been left too long and leads to mold growth. Besides the health hazards that mold presents, such as reduced air quality, it can also lead to further problems with your home’s foundation, such as structural damage. Leaving water to sit can also lead to damaged belongings and the release of water vapor, pollen, and other irritants in your home. Acculevel’s team is dedicated to helping you remove water and mold from your basement. Our water-based fungicides reduce fungal growth in non-conditioned basements. These fungicides treat fungal organisms and prevent them from growing in the future.  Combined with an antimicrobial WhiteCap inorganic basement liner encapsulation, fungicides provide a great framework with which to prevent future moisture problems and mold growth. Get in touch with our specialists to learn more today.

Fixing Slab Problems with Slabjacking

If your home suffers from an uneven concrete slab, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners in the Midwest deal with this problem. Slab settlement occurs when your home’s surrounding soil is no longer able to support the weight of the slab. This scenario can be caused by soil changing composition from excess moisture, soil overload, or poor compaction. The result is a cracking or shifting slab. Our experts correct these slab issues through slabjacking. We are highly experienced in slabjacking, which involves drilling holes and injecting a stabilized type of foam into the concrete slab. This fills sections of slab that have been washed out and lifts the concrete back into the correct position. 

Why Slabjacking?

There are other options to address slab settlement, such as mudjacking, but they tend to be loud, messy, and often ineffective. They are also usually less precise and not as easy on the environment.  Slabjacking also cures quickly, which means you can get back to living in your home quickly, knowing that you are once again safe and secure. Contact Acculevel to see if slabjacking is right for your home’s foundation repair needs.

Helping YOU with Your Lafayette Foundation Repair Needs

Different homes present different foundation needs. A settling foundation may require urgent repairs to prevent wall damage, sagging floors, or a leaning chimney. At Acculevel, our Lafayette foundation repair contractors choose tailored solutions for your unique needs — helical piers to fix settlement issues and metal beams or joist supports to help with sagging floors are common solutions, but we’ll give you a repair plan customized for your home every time. Do you have leaning, bowed, or cracked walls? Our team can help. In addition to the options already mentioned, we may also use carbon fiber straps or steel structural supports special epoxies to create a virtually invisible grid that guard your home against soil pressure from its exterior.  If your walls are very damaged or present with instability, we may use tie-backs or wall anchors to keep them well-supported and secure. Unstable flooring is another dangerous issue. We often use jacks or I-beams if damaged basement walls are the cause.  We provide free estimates so you can better understand what your foundation needs — and how much the project will cost — before we get started.

You Deserve the Best Foundation Repair in Lafayette

It can be daunting to get started on a Lafayette foundation repair project, but you owe it to yourself, your family, and your home to address any issues as soon as possible. Wall stability, roofing problems, and dangerous floor damage are all concerns that can occur if a trusted contractor does not quickly resolve your foundation problems.  If you need reliable basement waterproofing, or foundation services and are interested in a free estimate or in-home inspection, contact Acculevel today.

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