South Bend is a wonderful representation of everything that is great about the Midwest and the state of Indiana - as well as the unpredictable weather that the area is known for. Changing seasons can be beautiful and exciting, but they can also put a lot of strain on your home’s overall structural stability. This pressure can put you in a position of needing to repair the foundation in order to preserve your home’s integrity. It can be challenging to know how to handle the foundation repair that South Bend, IN homes often need, but help is available. Do not let the fear of getting started on a foundation project stop you from seeking help from experts. Postponing can lead to a host of issues around your home as time goes on, some of which may threaten the safety of your home and your loved ones. Acculevel’s team has been providing the homeowners continue to choose due to their knowledge of a wide variety of foundation issues and quality customer service.

Water Problems in Your Basement

If your home has been bombarded by water during any part of the year, water intrusion could become a problem that requires you to seek help from a foundation company. Water-soaked soil around or beneath a home can lead to structural problems that are far-reaching, such as damaged walls, mold and mildew growth, or foundation issues. Damage to the floors or walls of your home can lead to water entry that causes leaks or flooding in the basement. Are you facing water intrusion issues at your South Bend home, and don’t know what to do to solve the problem? Our foundation experts can help. Acculevel offers top-notch basement waterproofing systems with advanced sump pumps with battery backups that kick on in case of a power outage or mechanical failure. Geo Channel or Water Tunnel systems allow water in basements to be redirected into Acculevel’s sump pump systems to relieve pressure on your home and its foundation, preventing further water damage. Learn more by contacting our foundation repair South Bend, IN team today.

Mold Mitigation

If water damage in your South Bend home has led to mold growth, you need to prepare for the possibility of further foundation problems. Water leads to humidity, which can lead to a release of debris, mold spores, mustiness, water vapor, pollens and allergens in the air. These humidity-related contaminants can reduce your house’s air quality and lead to serious health problems, structural damage and damage to your personal property. At Acculevel, we know how to help keep your basement as water- and mold-free as possible. We use water-based fungicides in basements that are not conditioned. This product treats fungal organisms, such as mold, and can also prevent their growth. We combine this treatment with a WhiteCap basement liner encapsulation, which has a vapor barrier and antimicrobial properties to prevent future moisture and mold problems. Contact our mold mitigation team in South Bend to learn more.

Foundation Repair South Bend, IN

Different areas of your South Bend home may require different foundation services. If you have a settling foundation, you may be at risk for damaged walls, floors that sag or a chimney that leans, all of which could require swift repair work to halt any problems and prevent future ones. Acculevel has a variety of solutions for different foundation troubles. For example, a settling foundation often benefits from helical piers that support the structure, while sagging floors may benefit from the installation of metal beams or joist support in some situations. If your walls are leaning, bowed or cracked, we may use the same solutions to fix the problem. Sometimes, carbon fiber strap reinforcement or a rigid epoxy can help create a grid that is virtually invisible and protects against soil pressure from the outside. If the walls are extremely damaged and unstable, tie-backs or wall anchors may be needed to provide support that will keep them secure. Unstable flooring can often be supported with l-beams or jacks if damaged basement walls have affected it. Our experts provide estimates to help you understand what your foundation requires to be restored and how much the project will cost you.

Slab Settlement

Homes sometimes suffer from uneven concrete slab. This occurs when the soil that surrounds your home is unable to support the weight of concrete slab. This instability can cause cracking or shifting slab. This movement can happen when soil changes compensation due to excess moisture, poor compaction or a soil overload. The Acculevel foundation crack repair South Bend, IN residents trust for handling slab issues may then be required. Our slabjacking services are provided by highly-trained professionals who thoroughly understand the detailed process. Slabjacking involves drilling holes and injecting stabilized foam into the slab. This process fills washed-out sections and lifts the concrete into its original position. Other slab solutions, such as mudjacking, tend to be messier, louder and less effective, and are usually much less precise. What’s more, slabjacking is a greener solution that cures quickly. We like to allow you can get right back to living safely and securely in your house after the procedure. Contact us for more details.

How Acculevel Can Help You

Without a strong and secure foundation, your home becomes at risk for roofing problems, wall instability and flooring issues. If you are experiencing mold concerns, foundation cracks or other similar threats to your home’s and your family’s safety, it’s important to contact Acculevel’s Indiana foundation repair experts to ensure that you get the best, most knowledgeable repair service possible. Acculevel’s customers have put their trust in the company since 1996 - rest assured that you can have the same level of confidence in our service. If you are in need of foundation services and would like a free estimate or home inspection, contact Acculevel today.

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