Your home relies on a solid foundation, and homeowners face a lot of foundation challenges from nature. On top of age and weight distribution, Midwest climate and weather conditions can lead to changing soil conditions and moisture problems that, over time, damage your foundation and walls, even in rooms above your basement or crawl space. Acculevel can diagnose and solve problems in basements, crawl spaces, and foundations. Here are some of the common problems that we find in basements like yours and the things that we can do to repair the damage.

Water Intrusion

Heavy rainfall and melting snow in the spring can lead to unwanted water in your home in the form of leaks and flooding. When the soil that’s supporting your foundation gets wet, it swells and pushes against underground walls, which can lead to a number of problems that affect your foundation, walls, and floors. So many foundation problems start with water, so Acculevel’s Indianapolis foundation contractors have a variety of solutions designed to keep water out of your home. We can relieve hydrostatic pressure buildup with a water tunneling system or redirect water through a geo channel into your sump pump. Speaking of sump pump solutions, Acculevel has three excellent options for homeowners: all of our waterproofing systems drain into a sump pump system that’s safeguarded against power outages and mechanical failures with dependable backup options. Choose the A/C Backup, D/C Backup, or Heavy Duty options, and include an Advanced Text Alarm to connect with your smart home technology.

Mold and Mildew

On top of directly damaging your home’s structure, humidity in the soil can lead to an environment primed for wood rot, mold and mildew growth, and other pest and allergen problems. These problems can affect your home’s foundation as well as the air quality inside your home. Acculevel can treat the mold and prevent it from coming back with a water-based fungicidal coating. Unconditioned basements and crawlspaces can be sealed and treated with WhiteCap basement liner as part of a home waterproofing and mold inhibition process.

Damaged Walls

Walls that are bowed, leaning, rotating, or cracked are a sign of a foundation problem. Your walls are what hold your home together, but can’t handle a lot of lateral pressure from wet or shifting soil: problems with your walls can cause other structural issues in your basement and home. Your damaged walls might benefit from helical piers, carbon fiber straps, I-beams, support jacks, tie backs, or wall anchors, depending on how the soil is acting on them.

Sagging Floors

If water has gotten into your foundation, basement, or crawlspace, it can cause your floor joists to warp, rot, sag, or deteriorate. This leads to weak spots that cause an uneven or sagging floor, which you might notice if your furniture is leaning toward the center of the room or your floors seem excessively bouncy. Problems with your floors can be managed with support jacks, meal beams, and joist support and repair, depending on the size and location of your foundation’s weak spots.

Leaning Chimneys

Expanding soil can cause your home to shift, which is one of the causes of a leaning chimney and something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Structural support can be provided in the form of water intrusion solutions as well as the installation of helical piers. Indianapolis foundation repair experts can ensure that the system can be tightened and adjusted after installation to ensure that it works for your home.

Uneven Concrete Slabs

If the slabs around your home are shifting or cracking, they’re probably settling—which is a sign that the soil underneath them can’t support their weight. Like a lot of problems that Indianapolis foundation contractors see, this can be caused by soil composition from excess moisture. Improving the soil conditions underneath your concrete can help restore them to their original position. Slabjacking is Acculevel’s minimally invasive solution for sunken concrete slabs. We drill discreet holes into the concrete, inject a safe and stabilizing foam material to fill in the voids and lift the concrete back up, and patch the holes. It’s fast, precise, effective, and very clean, especially compared to processes like mudjacking or alternatives that tear up the area around the concrete.


An expert in Indiana foundation repair is the solution for your foundation problems, and Acculevel is your local expert. Taking steps to avoid foundation problems as soon as possible will save you time and stress in the long run by protecting your home’s value and avoiding more costly repairs. It’s worth the peace of mind to invest in foundation repair: contact Acculevel for a free home inspection and basement reconditioning or waterproofing estimate.

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