Gutters help keep rain runoff from dripping directly along your home’s foundation walls, but without a downspout extension, water still pools at the corners. Ideally, your foundation was constructed so well that nothing can penetrate it. Realistically, that’s likely not the case, and to avoid a flooded basement, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The foundation and basement experts at Acculevel have an easy way to extend your downspout so it runs water far away from your home’s foundation. If you need to go around obstacles under the ground, such as an old tree stump, use flexible drainage piping.


Round-point shovel

10 feet of 4-inch tile (a.k.a. drainage pipe)

1 pop-up emitter

1 downspout adapter

Internal coupling (3X4 inch)

1 large bucket of gravel

Step 1:

Using the shovel, start digging an 8-inch-deep trench directly in front of the downspout attached to the house. Angle the trench away from the house, with a very slight slope downward from the foundation. Save the dirt. The finished trench should be approximately 10 feet long.

Step 2:

Lay the 4-inch drainage pipe in the trench. Attach one end to the existing gutter downspout. Make sure it attaches securely.

Step 3:

At the other end of the drainage pipe, attach the pop-up with the internal coupling. Make sure the fit is snug. The pop-up must face up and be as level as possible. Using the gravel, fill in around the pop-up. Adjust the pop-up as necessary to keep it level as you pack the gravel around it. Do not pour gravel on top of the pop-up.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to backfill. Using the shovel, take all the dirt you removed from the trench and start refilling. Fill in around and on top of the drainage pipe.

Acculevel Fixes Leaking Basements

Do you already have a leaking or flooded basement? In addition to constructing your own downspout extension, there may be other things you need to do to keep your basement and foundation dry. The experts at family-owned Acculevel have the knowledge to determine what should be done to keep your home free of moisture. If you live in the Midwest and would like an estimate, please contact us at 866-669-3349 or email us at [email protected].

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