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Flooded Basement in South Bend? Make Sure It Gets Repaired The Right Way

Flooded Basement in South Bend? Make Sure It Gets Repaired The Right Way

If you live in South Bend, Indiana, you may at times fall victim to home damage and other issues that the somewhat unstable weather conditions of the Midwest can bring. Changing seasons and weather patterns can add beauty and interest to your life, but they can also cause issues such as a flooded basement. A water-filled basement can spell trouble for your home and family, leading to such concerns as mold growth, foundation instability or damaged walls. You may even find that your personal belongings are at risk of being permanently damaged. Fortunately, our basement repair experts at Acculevel can help you get any flooding under control before it causes bigger issues than it already has. That way, you can stop worrying about your home and safety and get back to living your life.

How Water Enters

Water typically enters the home through one of three channels: wall cracks, floor cracks or floor cove joints. If any cracks or damaged spots exist, they may be a cause for concern. These spots can make it easier for large amounts of water to enter your basement if a lot of water is present outside. Heavy rainfall in the spring and summer or melting snow at the end of winter are two common sources of basement flooding in South Bend. Living in Indiana or having weak spots around your house does not mean that your situation is hopeless, though – you just need to find help from the right basement experts to help you fix things up so flooding will no longer be a problem you have to stress about.

What You Can Do

If you are facing a flooded basement, basement waterproofing and repair services may be required. In some cases, you may need foundation repair as well if a lot of damage has been done to your home outside of the basement. Acculevel provides all of the foundation and basement waterproofing services needed to handle these matters. We start by diagnosing the problem through an in-home inspection and then find solutions to meet the specific needs that your house presents. Being from the South Bend area, we know the common challenges that homeowners often face. Our two main services that can help you waterproof your basement and protect it from flood water are water tunneling and sump pump system installation, both of which can help you live a happier life free of basement flooding worries.

Water Tunneling

A Water Tunnel is a basement drain system that relieves hydrostatic pressure that may build up around your home’s foundation. It does so by using a unique bottomless channel system. The tunnel has holes on either side that collect water from your basement’s footing and wall joints, and also collect water from under its floor. This tunnel system allows for the flow of water away from your basement – at an impressive flow rate of 140 gallons per minute. We install water tunnels and have extensive experience helping homeowners safeguard their basements in this way.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump system works by removing water that accumulates around a home’s foundation and collects in a sump basin – water that would otherwise begin to flood onto a homeowner’s basement floors after a certain point. These are very common systems in many household basements. Sometimes, a basement flood could be caused by sump pump failure. Being overworked or succumbing to a power outage can cause a sump pump system to fail. Sometimes, they just fail from being old or malfunctioning. In these cases, a sump pump system needs to be replaced – hopefully by a unit that has enhanced backup features and pumping power.

All of Acculevel’s waterproofing solutions are designed to drain into high-quality sump pump systems that have safeguards in the case of a power outage or mechanical failure. One example of such a safeguard would be a battery backup. It is always recommended that you have a battery-operated pump in the sump liner in addition to your regular pump. All of Acculevel’s backups are both flexible and dependable, so you can have greater peace of mind the next time a flood threatens your home’s integrity. We use three main types of sump pump systems at Acculevel:

A/C Backup: A/C backup systems are highly reliable and are well-suited for residential basements. Their ½ horsepower pumps are able to redirect 4,200 gallons of water per hour. They also have airtight seals that can trap odor, bugs, and potentially dangerous radon gas that might be present beneath or above your basement floor. These systems also contain a perforated liner to drain water under the floor and a high water alarm. This alarm will sound in case of a system failure, which will allow you ample time to service the sump pump before a flood can occur in your basement.

D/C Backup: Our D/C backup sump pump systems come with all of the features of the A/C system – including its astounding 4,200 gallons per hour water pumping power – with the added bonus of a powerful backup pump. This pump can pump up to 3300 gallons per hour, and it comes with a battery and alarm at the time of installation. The alarm will signal if the battery stops working, giving you greater peace of mind regarding the soundness of your basement every day.

Heavy Duty: If you tend to find that basement flooding is a recurring issue at your home, our Heavy Duty dual pump system may be just what you need. These powerhouses offer everything you get with D/C Backup systems, but also come with another ½ horsepower sump pump for use as another backup. Your basement will be thoroughly protected against a sump pump failure with one of these systems, and you will not have to spend the next intense Midwest storm worrying about your home.

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