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Charles “Chuck” Scantlen

Project Advisor


To help customers when they have foundation issues, answering all their questions and providing the solutions they need.


Charles “Chuck” Scantlen lives in Ney, Ohio and has 3 children.  The older two are in college, and the youngest is a senior in high school.  He also has 8 grandchildren, and takes every opportunity to get the whole family together for a visit.

His father was a construction worker, and Chuck has wonderful memories of helping remodel homes and building garages. He learned that a solid foundation is essential, as he was often told: “there’s no sense in building anything, if it won’t stay there!”  Chuck genuinely enjoys educating his customers and restoring their peace of mind. 


  • His favorite hobby is woodworking; he’s made everything from birdhouses to furniture.
  • Chuck also loves spending time with his grandchildren, whether it’s playing catch, chatting, or riding bikes to the corner store. Kayaking is the clear family favorite, though! 
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