When looking into buying or selling a home the most important part of the house isn’t the updated kitchen, it’s the foundation. A foundation problem can steer buyers away from your home if not fixed or addressed. Look for common warning signs, like cracks, in your home to see if you have foundation damage.

Not sure if your home has foundation issues? Here are a few common symptoms.

1. Cracks will form along walls and floors

2. Foundation sinking or settling

3. Windows and doors stick and do not shut properly

4. Sagging or uneven floors

5. Counters pull away from the walls

If you find any of these issues it is best to contact a foundation specialist to see how much repairs will be. Some repairs could be an easy less expensive fix while others are more expensive.

Repair or not to repair?

Most homeowners sell their home with foundation issues because they do not have the money to fix it. This will lower the price of the home and might scare some buyers off. The most likely buyer for this type of house would be your fixer-uppers. Some buyers might like this as they can find their own foundation specialist that they know and trust.

What are some options for repairing foundation?

At Acculevel we have a number of methods to repair a home’s foundation. Depending on the situation will determine what method will best suit your home. Our options include Helical Piers, Tie Backs, Wall Anchors, and Carbon Fiber Straps.

Always tell the buyers the truth about the home’s foundation. This will help the buying process to go smoother.

If you repair the foundation before selling your home always make sure the foundation repair comes with a warranty that you can show the buyers. This will ensure the buyer that the home is protected and that they should have no worries about purchasing the property.

If you are a buyer this may be the perfect time to buy a dream home that has a foundation problem that can be fixed. The home will be priced lower because foundation problems scare many buyers away. Always have an inspection before you buy to make sure the fix will not be over your budget.

Buying and selling a home with foundation issues is possible, but it may take a little time and effort.