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How to Use Your Sump Pump to Keep Your Basement Dry

Sump pumps are meant to keep water out of your basement, but when they aren't working correctly you could have inches of water on your floor. Checking your sump pump every few months to ensure it is working correctly will give you peace of mind when you aren't at home. It only takes a few minutes to see if your pump is working correctly by doing a few steps:

  1. Check/remove debris from sump pump and outside pipe

  2. Verify electrical cords are plugged in and sump pump turns on

  3. Test your battery backup

  4. Pour water into basin slowly until it starts to pump water out

If you find that your sump pump isn't running correctly it can cause water in your basement, personal belongings get wet or destroyed, and hours of clean up. Be sure to check your sump pump and battery backup every few months to avoid costly repairs.

At Acculevel we sell the top-of-the-line sump pump systems and include safeguards against power outages and pump failures. It is extremely important to have a second battery-operated pump in case of power or mechanical failures. We’ve been in the business more than 20 years, and we offer high-quality services, competitive pricing and more. Call us today to see how we can help your basement stay dry.