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Zachary Warren

Project Advisor


Bring homeowners peace of mind by educating them about their homes, diagnosing any problems, and determining the ideal solutions. 


Zach grew up outside of Kankakee, Illinois, one of the major suburbs of Chicago.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduating from high school, serving 3 years with the 11B Infantry.  

After military service, Zach went to culinary school.  Ultimately, he determined that great food is a passion for him, but not a good career fit.  He spent some time in the automotive industry, before he entered the home repair field and found his calling- helping homeowners. 

Zach enjoys traveling in his spare time, especially taking road trips on his classic Harley Davidson motorcycle.


  • Zach has been playing the guitar for 25+ years and has played with a number of rock bands.
  • He is a proud pet parent of two dogs and a cat. 
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