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Sharla Beery

Data Compliance Officer


Rossville High School, 1989


Manages company payroll and employee commissions, also oversees warranty program


Sharla grew up in the small town of Rossville, IN as part of a close-knit family and community.  While in high school, she met Andy Beery, and the two were married in 1991.

When the Beerys started Acculevel, they worked out of their own home.  Andy stored tools and equipment in the family garage, while Sharla scheduled appointments and sent invoices from a rolltop desk in the dining room.  As both their business and family grew, Sharla divided her energy between the two

Sharla and Andy have two adult sons who both work for Acculevel.  They still have one child at home, a teenage daughter who may (or may not!) follow in her brothers’ footsteps.


  • Sharla loves having her family together, and they often vacation together.  They own a house on the lake, and often take the boat out for water skiing, wakeboarding, etc. 
  • Author’s note: she’d never mention it, but she’s an amazing cook.  Everyone at the office loves it when she brings in food to share!

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