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We Can Help Give Your Foundation a Lift in Lafayette

We Can Help Give Your Foundation a Lift in Lafayette

How can you know if your home needs foundation repair? A weak or cracked foundation can cause a host of problems for your home, some of which may be dangerous. Other problems may decrease your home’s value if you should ever want to sell it. Our Lafayette foundation repair experts have some advice for you. There are some signs you can look for that suggest that your foundation may need repairs by a qualified professional. Here are the ones you should keep an eye out for, as well as some information on what Acculevel can do to remedy the situation and get your home back in great shape.

Signs of Home Foundation Problems

Catching a foundation problem early can help you avoid larger repair needs down the line and protect your home from greater damage. What are some of the signs of a damaged foundation that you should look out for in your home? Here are some of the ones that are most common and that Acculevel assists with most often:

Foundation Cracks: If you are noticing sagging floors or leaning furniture around your house, or if you just happened to notice cracks in basement floor surfaces or walls around the home, you may need swift foundation repair from our experts in foundation crack repair Lafayette residents have come to trust. These types of cracks can have a couple of different causes, with one common one being soil expansion around the home’s exterior. This change is a common occurrence in the Midwest due to the wet weather that is typical in this part of the country with its shifting weather patterns. Your foundation may be further weakened or your home’s value may decrease without repairs when these types of cracks are present.

Leaning Chimneys: Does your chimney seem to be leaning? This issue can have several causes – including poor soil compaction, plumbing problems or water retention – all of which can signal larger foundational issues that could require urgent foundation repair. Seek help from a trusted contractor as soon as you can to prevent further damage to your home and personal belongings.

Uneven Concrete: If your home’s concrete slabs are shifting or cracking, you may be experiencing slab settlement. This means that the soil below your home’s concrete cannot support its weight any longer. Slab settlement can have several causes, but the most common is a change in the soil composition due to excess outdoor moisture. This change is a foundational problem that can be remedied with help from Acculevel’s foundation repair team, who has solutions that will fix the settlement situation.

Bowed Walls: If your basement walls seem to be leaning, bowing or even rotating, this may be a sign of a larger foundational issue in your home. This issue is another situation that may be caused by the expansion of soil outside the home which could have damaged the walls. Basement walls are vital to your home’s structural stability, so you will want to fix these types of cracks quickly to protect your home’s foundation and resale value.

Acculevel can help you figure out the cause of your foundation problems and give you a free estimate of what work will need to be done and what your overall cost will be. That way, you will be fully informed of what is going on with your home’s foundation and know if the repairs are within your budget before any work is completed. Contact us if you notice any of the above signs of foundation trouble.

Foundation Solutions

Once you find a foundation problem in your Lafayette home, you need to get professional help to have it fixed. How does Acculevel address common foundational issues? Here are the three solutions that we utilize to complete most foundation projects:

Carbon-Fiber Kevlar Straps: Our tough carbon-fiber Kevlar straps are typically combined with very rigid epoxies to securely reinforce damaged basement walls. The epoxies we use are designed to help the Kevlar straps bond with a wall to make a permanent bonded structure. We usually combine the carbon strap rows with staggered columns of brick to create a sturdy grid-like foundational wall that is designed to be resistant to damage from soil pressure. Once the wall is painted, you will barely be able to tell that any work had to be done in the first place.

Tie-Backs: If you have a basement or retaining wall that needs better lateral stability, we may use tie-backs to improve its strength. These are screw-like shafts that are long and are exactly like what we use when installing helical piers for other projects. We usually install them at an angle, rather than straight down, to provide the secure support that your wall needs.

Wall Anchors: Bowed or cracked walls often require supplemental lateral force. We accomplish this by installing wall anchors. They are made of metal plates and sturdy steel shafts that work to stabilize weak foundational walls. Installation of wall anchors is quick and will not require much excavation or drastically disturb your home’s landscaping.

Does it sound like your home will need one of the foundation services above? You can find out for sure by working with Acculevel to find foundation solutions that fit your home and its needs. We offer free in-home evaluations to survey the damage and create a repair plan.

Foundation Experts in Lafayette

It can be easy to get discouraged when your Lafayette home is showing signs of foundation damage or similar problems. There is no reason to lose hope, as Acculevel’s foundation experts have been working with homeowners like you since 1996 to combat such issues and get their homes back in top shape. Whether you need foundation lifting or basement services, we are ready to help. Are you interested in contacting us for a free in-home repair estimate? If so, start by filling out our simple online contact form or give us a call to get started with your free in-home evaluation. You can also email us at [email protected] to learn more about our services and our company.

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