Jim Mourer

Project Advisor


Illinois State University
Bachelor of Science
Business Finance


Work with homeowners to determine the source/cause of their concerns, determine the best plan to resolve their problems, and follow-through to ensure the repairs are completed satisfactorily.


Jim has always been interested in home construction and repair.  He’s studied drafting, woodworking, and engineering at trade schools.  He’s worked for some of the best contractors in the state, ran his own remodeling business, and invested in real estate. For Jim, Acculevel provides a place for him to use all of his skills.  He enjoys the sense of accomplishment he gains when homeowners tell him how much happier they are, now that their home is healthy and secure.

Jim and his wonderful wife live in Indianapolis.  They have two teenage children and a miniature schnauzer named Chester, who goes with the family on all their trips.


  • Jim and his family are active members of their church.  They are also involved in school sports and related events.
  • In his spare time, Jim likes to take them camping or golfing.  Summer days are often reserved for lounging in their backyard pool.

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