Becka Wells

Appointment Specialist Manager


Maintain Acculevel’s high standards for customer service, train and supervise appointment specialists, and coordinate schedules with the sales and service teams.


Becka grew up in Flora, Indiana as an only child.  Her early ambition was to become a mermaid, but she has since decided to be an expert in customer service.  She began working in Acculevel’s customer service department in 2017 and is now managing the team of appointment specialists.  

Becka plays a crucial role in the company, as she coordinates the schedules for the entire staff of project advisors.  The scheduling department is usually the first contact a homeowner has with Acculevel, so knowledge and empathy for others are of paramount importance.

Becka is the proud mother of a spunky four-year-old, Kypton Ray.  The two of them recently adopted two dachshund puppies named Lolo and Maggie.


  • Becka has just become a proud homeowner, finalizing the purchase of her first home.
  • Most of her hobbies currently revolve around keeping up with her active and dinosaur-obsessed son.  
  • While she has given up on her dream of becoming a mermaid, Becka still enjoys traveling and spending time in lakes, pools, and other bodies of water.

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