1 Acculevel performs a free professional inspection

In-Home Inspection

An experienced Acculevel project manager will arrive at the property and perform a full inspection of any of the reported symptoms. Measurements, drawings and other details such as photographs may be taken. A contract outlining the proposed work will be provided.

2 Acculevel drills holes into the concrete slab

Drill Holes In Concrete Slab

Holes only slightly larger than a US dime are drilled into the concrete slab in strategic locations. Sometimes, slabjacking holes can be better hidden between grout lines.

3 Acculevel expertly pumps foam under the concrete to lift

Pump Foam Under Concrete & Lift

A special injection gun is used to pump foam in a controlled manner underneath the concrete slab. The foam rapidly expands filling the void underneath the concrete and will cause lift.

4 Acculevel patches up the holes made and cleans the work site

Patch Up Holes & Clean Up

Once the concrete has been measured and leveled, the small holes where the injection gun was used are patched with concrete and sealed. Any improperly extended downspouts or other triggers may need corrected to prevent further damage.

Acculevel uses only the best Polyuerthane injection foam supplied by HMI

We lift concrete with cost effective Polyurethane Foam

Acculevel works with top quality products from HMI Polyurethane concrete raising foam

  • Only requires a discrete 3/8" hole for injection
  • Completely safe and can be driven on almost immediately
  • Allows for precision lifting on various applications
  • Fully expands to fill voids within 15-20 seconds
  • Material weighs 15-25 times less than traditional mudjacking
  • Faster and more cost effective than replacing concrete

Call today to schedule a free in-home inspection.

One of our project managers will visit your home for a 30-60 minute free inspection.

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Acculevel provides only the best slabjacking equipment supplied by Prime Resins

The Best in Class "Equalizer" Polyurethane Injection Foam Gun

Acculevel works with top quality products from Prime Resins Slabjacking foam gun applicator

  • Versatile injector sizes allow us to react quickly
  • Quick and easy maintenance keeps us moving on the job
  • The only impingement gun engineered to handle back pressure
  • Quiet operation that is less disruptive than concrete replacement

Possible Home Symptoms:

If you think you may need Slabjacking, it is possible you are experiencing some or all of the following symptoms. If you are not, these symptoms may appear over time if left untreated. It is not uncommon that a homeowner is requiring several services at once and may have symptoms that are inconsistent with the following graphic.

Water Intrusion

Sagging Floors

Windows/Doors Stick

Leaning Chimney

Cracked Interior Walls

Cracked Foundation Walls

Biological Growth

Foul/Musty Odor

Decreased HVAC Efficiency

Foundation Settling

Cracked Concrete

Sunken Concrete

Acculevel provides a free inspection checklist

Download Your FREE Self-Inspection Checklist

Get a free self-inspection checklist PDF sent to your email address. Fill out the form below and get information homeowners need to help diagnose foundation issues.

Acculevel guarantees great service

5 Year Re-Pump Adjustment Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions of customer's contract with Acculevel, if the concrete slab is over 5 years old at the time Acculevel initially performs its work then if the concrete slab settles more than 1/4" inch within 5 years after Acculevel performs its work, then Acculevel will re-pump the void under the concrete slab, one additional time at no additional to the Customer. A re-pump consists of using the same holes originally used to pump and raise the concrete slab. Acculevel will not re-pump the concrete slab if: (i) the Customer does not seal all cracks and joints on the concrete slabs and maintain backfill along the concrete slabs involved, (ii) if resettling occurs as a result of flooding, or (iii) resettling occurs as a result of any other acts of God, as determined in Acculevel's sole discretion.

Warranty claims must be submitted in writing to Acculevel Inc. 9495 N. Waldron Rd. Rossville, IN 46065. Once a claim has been filed, a field representative will visit the structure to evaluate the failure described and cause of the failure and contact the manufacturer as to the claim. The component in question will be exposed and elevations recorded. In approximately one month the components will be re-evaluated and elevations recorded again. This will determine the necessary action to be taken to ensure the structure is supported properly. Acculevel has the sole discretion to determine replacement or adjustment under this warranty. This warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantability, and of all other obligations on contractor's part. This is not a warranty for, and Acculevel has no liability for, direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages on any claim. The remedy provided in this warranty is customer's sole and exclusive remedy. Warranty is activated when final payment is received.

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