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Push pier foundation repair product

Push Piers

Acculevel’s Steel Push Piers are high in quality and durability, and are minimally invasive. This commonly used product will stabilize and level your home’s foundation.

While there are several available methods, steel “push” piers are the most used and least invasive solutions. These piers are driven (“pushed”) into the ground with a hydraulic system, using the weight of your house as resistance. Acculevel has stabilized thousands of foundations and utilizes the most trusted and advanced processes to restore your home’s value.

Helical pier foundation repair product

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial foundation repair. These versatile products have many useful applications for repairing the foundation of your structure.

Unlike push piers, helical piers do not use the weight of the home to counteract foundation settlement. Instead, they use torque generated when they are ‘drilled’ down into the load bearing soil beneath a home or other structure. This is what gives them their versatility. When used to repair basement walls and retaining walls, they are drilled into the earth at an angle. The same type of torque used to repair a foundation is used to straighten these walls. They can also be installed as a preventative measure before a foundation is poured. These pre-construction piers will ensure that the new structure will suffer no foundation issues in the future.

Helical tie-back foundation repair product

Helical Tie-Backs

Helical Tie-backs are designed to reinforce basement and subsurface walls from the crushing pressure of soil expansion. Basement wall buckling, bowing, and cracking can all be fixed by installing this highly durable product.

Piers hold the structure up with vertical support. But helical tie backs keep your basement walls from lateral movement brought about by pressures around the sides of your foundation. Acculevel installs super strong steel piers to the sides of basement walls, extending at an angle horizontally. This gives the walls the support and torque it needs to stay strong under pressure.

Pre-construction piers for new foundations

Pre-Construction Piers

The installation of pre-construction helical piers is a simple and cost-effective way to alleviate settlement problems before your concrete foundation is even poured.

What if you could prevent your foundation settlement before it ever starts? Preventative maintenance is always less expensive than trying to fix things later. That’s why installing Pre-construction helical piers is a great idea. Piers are installed deep into the soil until the proper resistance is achieved. Then, with top plates attached to the piers, your contractor can pour your concrete foundation directly over the pier plates. Once the concrete dries, it rests primarily on the support of the piers, instead of the moving soil.

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