Crawlspace Waterproofing

Wet crawlspace causing bacterial growth
Wet crawlspace causing viral contamination
Wet crawlspace causing mites and pest infestation
Wet crawlspace causing mold, mildew, and other biological growth

A healthy home begins in the crawlspace

Rot is the leading cause of sagging floors and unhealthy living conditions. Homeowners have come to accept a wet and dirty crawlspace. Out of sight… Out of mind! Many donʼt realize how destructive a wet crawlspace is to the health of their family and energy efficiency of their home. Many homes in Indiana and Kentucky suffer from floor rot due to the “chimney effect” where humid outside air is drawn into an unsealed cold crawlspace. It is this cold, moist air that rises to replace the dry air leaving your home. Studies have shown that the air that you breathe in the first floor of your home comes from crawlspaces that are unsealed.

Symptoms of an unhealthy crawlspace include: Sagging floors, Binding doors or windows, Damp or musty smells, High energy bills, Condensation inside your crawlspace or standing water after a heavy rain, Rotten moldy attic or floor framing that has turned from blonde to red, brown or black, High indoor humidity in the summer, Cold floors in the winter, Bugs and rodents.

Acculevel has the solution

Our encapsulation solution will permanently correct the issues that plague unhealthy crawlspaces. It is the belief of Acculevel that healthy crawlspaces should be as durable as the rest of your home by conforming to modern “thermal & moisture” codes, sealed off and conditioned like an unfinished basement.

Aprilaire crawlspace dehumidifier

A dry crawlspace is important to your health

Most people never consider how dangerous and costly it is to have moisture in their crawlspace. Weakened floor supports, poor energy management, and toxic molds are all common problems in homes with wet basements. Usually those musty smells are just ignored, but they are actually tell-tale signs there is a problem that needs fixing. The health of your home and your family starts with a dry crawlspace.

We use only the best dehumidifiers by Aprilaire® that are specifically designed for use in a crawlspace. Houses have airflow that works like a chimney. Air from outside of the house gets drawn into the basement or crawlspace. Then, by convection, is pulled upward through the upper levels of the home. Experts say, up to 60% of the air in the first floor comes from the crawlspace or basement.

Nearly 2/3 of the homes in Indiana and Kentucky have humid crawlspaces. Moist crawlspaces are perfect environments for mold, rodents, dust mites, and other allergenic creatures. Many people have discovered the root of their respiratory problems, including asthma, originated in the space below their house.

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