Water Intrusion

Sagging Floors

Windows/Doors Stick

Leaning Chimney

Cracked Interior Walls

Cracked Foundation Walls

Biological Growth

Musty/Foul Odor

Decreased HVAC Efficiency


Cracked Concrete

Sunken Concrete

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Helical Piers

Helical piers are long, screw-like shafts that can be drilled down to deep, stable soil. By leveraging the resulting resistance, the piers lift your foundation to a level state using heavy duty brackets.

I-Beam & Jacks

Metal beams supported with adjustable steel posts offer an easy, cost-effective solution in a crawlspace or basement. After installation, the system can be tightened and adjusted appropriately to secure, support and sometimes lift the floor above.


Tie-backs are also long, screw-like shafts just like those used in helical pier installations. When installed at an angle instead of straight down, they can provide lateral stability to basement or retaining walls.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are comprised of metal plates and a steel shaft. These anchors provide supplemental lateral force to stabilize bowed and cracked walls. This installation is quick and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the surrounding landscaping.

Carbon Fiber Straps

We combine carbon-fiber kevlar straps with incredibly rigid epoxies to reinforce basement walls with stronger than steel strength. These epoxies are designed to bond the carbon fiber straps directly to the structure by permeating both the foundation and carbon fiber.


Encapsulation is a durable, professional grade crawlspace and basement liner that serves as a vapor barrier with poly-cord reinforcement and an anti-microbial additive manufactured directly into the material. The encapsulation process leaves your crawlspace or basement clean and provides a safe space for storage or other uses.


The Geo Channel is a system that can be place on top of or next to the foundation footing. It's purpose is to direct water away from the floor/wall joint and under the center of the floor. A layer of unwoven fabric filters soil and other debris from the flowing water, which prevents clog and allows for optimal water flow.

Water Tunnel

The Water Tunnel is a channel system used to relieve hydrostatic pressure build up surrounding a structure's foundation. Holes on both sides of the tunnel allow water to be collected from the footing/wall joints and under the floor. The unique bottomless design allows water to flow away from your basement at a rate of 140 gallons per minute.

Slab Jacking

Slabjacking is a process where discreet holes are drilled through a sunken concrete slab so that stabilizing foam material can be injected underneath. The stabilizing foam is completely safe and can lift concrete back into it's original position by filling voids caused by erosion. The holes are then patched, leaving a more refined finish compared to other techniques such as mudjacking.

Mold Remediation

Our mold treatment and prevention coating is a water-based fungicidal which is applied to treat and prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria or other fungal organisms. The sealant coats and protects surfaces in unconditioned crawlspaces or basements.

We Have Selected Some Services for You

Based on the symptoms you have selected, we can show you the appropriate services we offer. Click the button below to begin our Service Wizard.

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