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Say Goodbye to the Water in Your Lexington Crawl Space

As a homeowner in Lexington, KY, moisture can be a hazard to your home’s crawl space. Foundation cracks can lead to the spread of moisture, causing flooding and the spread of mold. If you notice water or cracks in your home’s crawl space, the professionals at Acculevel will help you fix the problem, so you can keep your home safe from water damage. Say goodbye to crawl space leaks and call us for Lexington crawl space repair today.

How Water Gets into Your Crawl Space

Water can get into your crawl space in several ways. A crack in the floor or wall can lead to excess moisture and flooding. Water can also get in through a floor cove joint, the space between the floor, and the wall of your crawl space. If your home is older or you haven’t had the foundation inspected in a while, your crawl space may be at risk.

If water gets into your crawl space, it can lead to flooding and the spread of mold, which can be a hazard to you and your family’s health. Excess moisture and crawl space flooding can also lead to structural damage, reducing the overall value of your home. If you plan on selling your home, the housing inspector may recommend lowering the price to account for this structural damage.

The Acculevel Method

When you call the Lexington crawl space repair experts at Acculevel, you can say goodbye to the water in your crawl space. We use several different techniques to make sure your home is structurally sound, so you don’t have to worry about flooding and the spread of mold.

We use a series of tracks, channels, and sump pumps to divert water away from your home’s crawl space. Our Geo-Channel tunnel does not use hydrostatic pressure. It collects and soaks up the water around your home’s crawl space and runs it into the sump pump to move it away from your home. Our equipment is also safeguarded against power outages and pump failures. The sump pump comes with a backup battery in case of a mechanical failure to make sure water stays out of your crawl space.

We will also create a crawl space vapor barrier and install a dehumidifier to further protect your home against water damage. The crawl space dehumidifier takes water out of the air to prevent moisture from accumulating in your home.

Lexington, KY, is known for its seasonal flooding and heavy rainstorms. Don’t leave your crawl space exposed to mold and water damage. Contact the Lexington foundation repair experts at Acculevel today to schedule an appointment.

Kelly Kater

Over her twenty year career, Kelly has worked in a wide variety of fields: secondary education, nursing, biology, elder care, the postal service, multicultural development, and academia. She has developed a skill for translating industry-specific jargon into everyday language. Her goal is to share the knowledge and experience of the Acculevel team with homeowners, in a way that is both engaging and informative.

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