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Professional Solutions for a Damp and Wet Basements in Terre Haute

Professional Solutions for a Damp and Wet Basements in Terre Haute

One of the worst problems you can face as a homeowner living in Terre Haute, IN, is water seeping into your basement or crawlspace. If water gets into your home, it can lead to mold growth, water damage, wood rot, and may even attract pests and insects. That excess water can also damage your possessions and the structure of your home, leading to costly repairs down the line.

At Acculevel, we know how to keep your basement or crawlspace dry and free of moisture, so you don’t have to worry about water damage, mold, and other structural hazards. Find out what makes Acculevel the best choice for basement repair in Terre Haute, IN.

How Water Gets into Your Basement

Water can seep into your basement for all sorts of reasons, but this is usually a sign that your foundation needs to be repaired. Leaks or cracks in the walls of your basement can lead to water damage and flooding. Water can also get in through floor crack and floor cove joints when foundation damage is present.

If you have a damp or wet basement, you may notice the smell of mildew as you come down the stairs. You may also see water spots on the ceiling, floor, or your possessions. Over time, mold can also grow if there’s excess moisture in the air. If you see black or blue spots on the wall, mold spores, or lots of pests in your basement, there’s a good chance your foundation needs to be repaired. Mold can lead to all kinds of health hazards, such as respiratory issues, skin and eye irritation, coughing, and other health concerns, so you need to fix these issues as soon as possible.

How to Keep Your Basement Dry

The experts at Acculevel are here to help you keep your basement dry and free of mold. We use the latest sump pump and water tunneling techniques to make sure water stays out of your home and in the ground where it belongs.

To prevent water from getting into your home, we use a technique called water tunneling. This process redirects water away from your home, which keeps it from seeping through the walls or your home’s foundation. We install the tunnel underneath the floor of your basement. With holes on both sides of the tunnel, it will collect water from the footing and wall joints in your basement. It has a unique bottomless design that moves water away from your home at a rate of 140 gallons per minute. Without this system, water will put hydrostatic pressure on your home’s foundation, which can lead to leaks, bowed walls, and other structural damage.

We may also use a technique known as geo channeling. This system can be placed next to or on top of your home’s foundation footing. It will direct water away from the floor or wall joint under the center of the floor. It’s made with a layer of unwoven fabric that filters soil and other debris from the flowing water, so it doesn’t clog over time. This ensures water can always flow through the system and away from the foundation of your home.

All our waterproofing systems use a top-of-the-line basement sump pump system, which includes safeguards against power outages and unexpected pump failures. The water we collect from around your home will drain into the sump pump where it will be redirected away from your home. The pump comes with a second battery-operated pump in the sump liner. If the power goes out or the first battery fails, the sump pump will continue to work as planned. If a major storm takes out the power, you can rest assured your basement won’t flood with water.

Keep Your Home Dry with Acculevel

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to water removal and basement repair in Terre Haute, IN, but Acculevel is the only company in the area that uses these waterproofing techniques. Plenty of companies can install a sump pump in your basement, but our system is designed to stand the test of time: You won’t have to worry about water damage and the spread of mold for years on end.

Our unique tunneling system is proven to keep water out of your home, so you can make the most of your living space. It’s designed to reduce hydrostatic pressure and keep excess water from pushing against the sides of your home. A simple sump pump may not be enough to protect your home against water damage. That’s why you should call the Terre Haute foundation repair and basement experts at Acculevel.

We will work with you to come up with a solution to the problem, answering your questions every step of the way. We’ve been serving the homeowners of Terre Haute since 1996, with a reputation for honesty and transparency.

Keep your home safe and dry and call us at 855-506-6645 today for a free estimate!

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