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Hire South Bend Experts When You Find Cracks in Your Foundation and Basement

Nothing can take a good day and ruin it like finding cracks in your South Bend home’s foundation or basement. Whether they are in the walls of your basement or your home’s overall foundation, they can cause a lot of stress – particularly because you may not know where to turn for expert help getting them fixed. You want to do what is best for your home, but it isn’t always easy to find a contractor that you can trust. You will want to find a company that offers experience, excellent customer care and dependability. As it turns out, Acculevel’s South Bend foundation repair experts can help you with foundation cracks as well as cracks in basement floor surfaces around your home while providing services that you can feel good about relying on.

Acculevel has been helping thousands of Midwest homeowners like you protect their most valuable possessions – their homes – since 1996. Our basement, crawlspace and foundation improvement services, provided by our 55 team members in Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Illinois and Southern Michigan, aim to help you fix problems around your house as accurately as possible – all while offering you the stellar customer service that you deserve. We are proud to operate in 352 zip codes, including working to fix foundation problems in South Bend.

Why Cracks Appear at Your Home – And What You Can Do About It

The Midwest is prone to unstable weather patterns, which can lead to a lot of instability at and around your home. Age, improper soil compression and changing soil conditions over time can all lead to an uneven distribution of weight on your South Bend home’s foundation. This pressure can lead to all kinds of structural damage, including cracks in the foundation itself or the basement. The structural cracking tends to appear along the walls, but you may sometimes notice floor cracks, as well. This kind of damage is usually caused specifically by extreme amounts of pressure on the outside of your foundation, which leads to bulging seams between the concrete rows that make up your foundation. This bulging eventually results in cracks that you will likely notice in one way or another.

If these cracks are left too long, more serious foundation issues, general instability and an overall decrease in your home’s resale value can all occur. Acculevel can help through quality foundation repair. The main solution that we use to fix cracks are carbon-fiber Kevlar straps, tie-backs and wall anchors. Your home’s repair solution will depend on exactly what type of cracking has occurred and how your home has been affected thus far. Read on to learn more about each custom solution and to see how you can contact Acculevel in South Bend to get started on fixing your cracks as quickly as possible.

Solution Number One: Carbon-Fiber Kevlar Straps

Our carbon-fiber Kevlar straps are often used in combination with rigid epoxies to fix cracks. The super-strong epoxies Acculevel uses are designed to bond the straps to the structure by permeating the foundation surface and the straps themselves, creating a sturdy, bonded structure that is made to last.

We may also create a “grid” made of staggered brick columns and carbon strap-reinforced rows. This pattern helps to prevent excessive soil pressure from affecting your home’s foundation in the long run. After repairs are all done, a fresh coat of paint can lead to the previously cracked structure looking as smooth and beautiful as ever. Contact us to learn more about this particular service and whether or not it is right for your home’s needs.

Solution Number Two: Tie-Backs

Tie-backs are long shafts that resemble screws. They are useful in providing lateral stability for basement walls or retaining walls. These tie-backs are similar to what is used during the installation process for helical piers, but are used more specifically for cracked foundations or basements. Acculevel installs these tie-backs at an angle, rather than straight down into the material, in order to create a more stable structure that will last for a long time. We can tell you more about this service and if it is right for your home after completing a free in-home evaluation where we inspect the damage and assess your needs.

Solution Number Three: Wall Anchors

Sometimes supplemental lateral force is needed to stabilize a bowed or cracked wall in your basement or anywhere in your home’s foundation. Wall anchors can help accomplish this. They are made of metal plates and a strong steel shaft that provide this lateral force. Acculevel’s wall anchor installation is quick and aims to disturb your home’s landscaping as minimally as possible. This process also requires minimal excavation at your home when compared to alternative solutions.

In certain cases, you may need to reinforce flooring due to cracks in your basement or crawlspace. In this type of situation, we may use I-beams and jacks to get the job done effectively. This is a simple, cost-effective solution that utilizes metal beams, supported by adjustable steel posts, to help secure, support and possibly lift your flooring above. The system’s cab is tightened and adjusted after installation to help make this possible. Contact us for a free estimate to learn more about this particular foundation lifting service.

South Bend Foundation Crack Repair From Acculevel

Whether you need help with cracks, other kinds of foundation repair or basement waterproofing at your South Bend home, Acculevel can get the job done accurately and professionally. Contact us to schedule a free home inspection with a member of our team in Indiana. Being in the area, we understand the challenges associated with the Midwest weather and soil types. We can survey the damage to your home and then provide you with the best options for correcting the problem. Give us a call, shoot us an email or fill out our convenient online contact form to see how we can help you get your home’s foundation back to safety and security.

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