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Where to Look for Common Winter Foundation Problems

With snow and ice already here now is the time to make sure your basement and/or crawlspace is secure from any water intrusion. It is important to get ahead of the game, before the weather does some serious damage. To ensure you do not have a wet basement when the ice starts to melt, here are a few foundation warning signs to look for:

1. Cracking in the wall around window and/or door frames

2. Gaping doors and windows

3. Doors jam or fail to latch

4. Floors are uneven or sinking

5. Cracking in concrete blocks/walls

If you see any of these signs it's a good time to call a professional. If you are unsure or have any questions, the Acculevel is prepared to help you in any way possible. We can reverse the effects of sinking homes and cracked foundations with our knowledge and expertise. We’ve been in the business more than 20 years, and we offer high-quality services, competitive pricing and more. Acculevel is here to help you keep your basement dry and give you peace of mind. Give us a call today and we will come out and inspect your home for free and explain your problems and how we can fix them.