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What to Do Before You Start Your Basement Renovation

You might be thinking of renovating that space below your living room...your basement. When you think of a basement, you think of a dark damp place that can be home to pests and mold. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Remodeling your basement can give your family that extra room they need. Finished basements are everything to a home buyer these days and will give your home added value.

An average basement remodel gives up to 70% return on investment.

Before you start to plan out your renovations, there are a few areas in your basement worth checking out. Without proper repair, these areas could become very costly if not done before remodeling. 


Checking your basement for moisture is one of the problems you need to test for. The testing is easy and can be done by yourself. 

Simply tape all four sides of a sheet of foil onto a concrete surface. After a few days, if you find moisture on the outside of the foil, this can be corrected with the installation of a dehumidifier. If you find moisture on the inside, you have moisture coming from outside of your home. 

To fix this problem you will need to find the origin of the moisture. It could be as simple as installing downspout extensions to your home or changing the grade of your soil to slope away from your home. 

Other fixes can become a little more expensive but will leave you with peace of mind when your renovation is complete knowing that your home is secure.

60% of homes have or will have water in their basement.


Waterproofing your basement is the number one problem homeowners run into. If you have inches, or even a puddle of water in your basement, you need to get it fixed before renovating. 

Imagine you didn't think the water was a problem, you finished your dream basement and come home from a weekend away only to find your basement full of water! Now the clean up begins and the costs start to add up. 

Before remodeling, talk with a waterproofing company to determine where the water is coming from. The foundation of your home could be the cause. With the installation of a waterproofing system and sump pump, your home will be protected from the elements.

Insulating a basement can save you money


Installing insulation will help keep energy costs down when upgrading your basement. The best insulation is spray foam. When applied to your foundation walls, spray foam will create a barrier that won't allow air/moisture to pass through it or around it creating the perfect space. 

Another great insulation type is foam board if you are doing it yourself. If installed correctly it can work well in preventing air/moisture from coming through.

Structural Upgrades

If you are planning on adding a bedroom in your basement you will need to have an egress window. Egress windows are installed so in case there is an emergency you will have a way out of the basement. 

There are certain requirements when installing egress windows:

Keep in mind when installing the window that it will be free of obstruction at all times. It is good to get your window inspect before, during and after installation to make sure you are up to code.

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