The First Step to a Finished Basement

Published: Jan 25, 2018

A finished basement is what every homeowner wants in their home. Before you start remodeling your basement you will want to inspect your foundation. A fixed foundation will save you money in the long run from preventing water intrusion, collapsed walls, sagging floors, cracks and more. Below are a few signs to look out for when inspecting your basement. At Acculevel we give a Free In-Home Inspection and will always tell you when you need foundation repair, and when it can wait.

1. Water intrusion

2. Sagging floors

3. Windows/Doors sticking

4. Chimney leaning

5. Foundation wall cracks

6. Cracks in concrete

7. Cracked interior walls

8. Sunken concrete

9. Foundation settling

Acculevel provides a free inspection checklist

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